Nnooo: Does Wii U’s Power Really Matter?

Tynan Muddle at writes: Nestled in the heart of Sydney Australia, indie developers Nnooo tirelessly work hard on ther new game that will give Pokémon a run for its money.

The game is Spirit Hunters Inc. and in the lead up to its November 22nd release, Creative Director Nic Watt, flanked by wingman and Business Director Bruce Thomson spoke with Aussie-Gamer in-depth about their studio, the gaming industry and for the first time to any publication, Nintendo Wii U.

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eagle212229d ago

Wii U games already look good and they will keep getting better and better as developers master the hardware.

darthv722228d ago

are we really only after "THE POWER" or are we after the entertainment?

Some of the funnest games i have played have been from the simplest of things. I like my share of tech but in the end all that matters (to me anyway) is whether or not I will have fun with it.

I know some try to equate technical power as a way to justify a not that petty.

Game on!

Akuma-2228d ago

it matters to core gamers but the nintendo fans will be ok with it.

darthv722228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Im glad you do not represent the majority of 'core' gamers.

the 'core' (or hardcore as it was known in my day) was into playing games not specs. Specs became the bragging rights of the wannabe 'core' gamer.

They have fooled themselves into thinking its the power. Just look at the core of "Video Games & Entertainment"...its "Games"

@gravelord, 'best' is a subjective term. Everyone has their own idea of what fits that description. While i like Gears and Killzone that doesnt take away from my enjoyment of Mario Kart or Galaxy.

so in that respect, you could say the same about all systems if we were to use a generalized term like 'best'. i guess the only way to deal with that conundrum would them all.

GraveLord2228d ago

The more powerful the hardware, the better the games can be.

Just look at the Wii. That console was so weak that it missed out on some of the best games of this gen.

pixelsword2228d ago

As long as

1. The 360 and PS3 still are relevant

2. the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony don't have a profound technological leap.

3. The PS4/360 are not backwards compatible; If the next gen is b/c, then the previous gen can still be played... and purchased, which will give motivation for Wii U developers to invest deeply in the Wii U and possibly make some games cross-compatible.

Qrphe2228d ago

It does matter. The more power it has the more likely it will be to receive support for years.

Please don't say that graphical leaps will become smaller because they will not.

WiiUalpha2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Actually they will dude. I'm not really sure how to explain it though. I'll try though. Go grab a pen and paper and using 6 lines draw a person. Now draw another using double the lines. Just keep going and each time double the amount of lines you use. Now at first you are very limited but as you go on you at some point will have something that is easy to see is a person.However if you keep going you will find that the increase in detail becomes less and less apparent.

The graphical difference in story 1 and Toy Story 2 is amazing and would be considered by many to be a next gen leap but the average person couldnt tell the difference because so much detail was in the first one that the added graphical power used to make the second isnt as noticable.

It's easy to see the difference in a person made of 10,000 polygons vs 1,000,000 then it is to see the difference in a 1,000,000 vs 2,000,000 even though there are more polygons used in the second example

Qrphe2226d ago

But the thing is, the graphical leaps have already been made. I'm sure you've seen the tech demos of the UE4 and Luminous Engine done one GTX 680 (which are very feasible choices for the other next-gen consoles) which no Wii U demo or launch game has able to match at all.

I know of what you speak of. This was thrown around the times the PS2 and 360 came out when people would say the same things about hitting graphical walls.
The reality is, games aren't JUST pushing for graphical fidelity, they are pushing for super realism. Resolution will also keep on going up (since 1080p already is holding back the level of detail we can see anyway).

Treian2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I just want a next gen system that uses a standard controller with good games. I don't want last gen graphics, motion controls, and tablets. The Pro controller isn't standard so not all games will support it sadly. Nintendo has had a drop in quality ever since the Wii launched. Haters gonna thumbs down this, of course. Just waiting for the PS4.

MasterCratosKong662228d ago

That's cool you are welcome to your opinion. I will buy a Wii U and a PS4 and will play both. I'm assuming we will both go on to live happy lives.

WiiUalpha2228d ago

The Wii U gamepad has all the buttons of a normal controller the ONLY difference is the added screen. I'm not sure why someone like you would think one is great when you never used it and the other is complete crap when you never used it even though both offer the exact same type of control options the only difference is the screen.

Please explain to me if you do not mind why it is such an issue for you and deal breaker(even though I already know the real issue is it doesnt carry the Sony name) on why the gamepad is inferior to the pro controller when the pro controller does nothing the gamepad cant...

Treian2228d ago

Because I hate tablets in general. I don't need touch screen garbage.

yavorsv2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

U are the hater here... ;)

s8anicslayer2228d ago

Did the Wii's power matter to sell a trillion units? Of course's the integration of cutting edge features and content as opposed to raw power! Just ask Sony.

Messor2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

"cutting edge features"
LOL, good one.
The majority of Wii owners weren't even gamers and the gamers that did buy it, that weren't Nintendo fanboys, stuck it in the cupboard.

s8anicslayer2228d ago

Motion control was cutting edge at the time and everyone followed suit...and I'm far from a Wii fanboy

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