Sky news review: The Club, A Racing Game In Disguise

Sega's new release, The Club, takes this concept to a whole new level: you see it might look a bit like Gears of War, but it's actually a third-person shooter with a difference - and that difference is that it's really a racing game in disguise. Confused?

Developed by Bizarre Creations (the team behind the excellent Project Gotham Racing series), The Club's structure is taken entirely from racing games, and thus approaches the genre from a radical new perspective.

In The Club the main objective is to dash around a series of short levels ('courses' might be a better word, since they're essentially linear routes) populated by trigger happy enemies.

Shooting bad guys rewards the player with a score multiplier, which begins to 'bleed' away after a few seconds - and so you have to keep up an almost continual killing spree in order to maintain and increase the multiplier - and thereby generate high scores.

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