Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Breakdown

NowGamer: All the weapons, upgrades, perks, multiplayer maps, modes, controls and more listed in a full breakdown of exactly what has been confirmed for Black Ops Declassified on Vita.

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Muffins12231807d ago

I wish they just ported black op 2 to the vita...would of been so much nicer.

TheGrimOfDeath1806d ago

Although that may have been a great thing, Nihilistic and Treyarch have different ways of doing games. For it to be ported over it would have been Treyarch doing the game, and that would need Activision's permission which everyone knows is not going to happen.

Sanquine901807d ago

Gtfo ! I want to see some gameplay . This is the samen old shit.

J86blum1806d ago

I like the line, "Its interesting that this focus on multiplayer." Because clearly before this Vita title all the recent COD games didnt care about their multiplayer and put everything into their single player campaign.

vitullo311806d ago

Good thing they focused so hard on that 4v4 multiplayer

Raccoon1806d ago

4vs4 is really stale for me because it does not give me a rush or sense of mayhem... I could kill the whole opposition with single clip on most guns Smh.....

farhad2k81806d ago

People need to understand that this game is releasing on a portable console, therefore 4v4 is perfect, especially since the maps are much smaller than console CoD maps.

ThEcReAtIoN71806d ago

yeah i expect that mp so much... generally the hole game seems just fine to me for now...

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