Devil May Cry HD Collection now available on PSN and Xbox Live's Games on Demand

Capcom has announced that the Devil May Cry HD Collection is now available on both the PSN Store and Xbox Live's Games on Demand for £19.99/$29.99.

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RmanX10002026d ago

Ok, i kind of wanna get this but people always kind of rage about DMC2. What made it bad?

Sephiroushin2026d ago

Super easy (you dont even need to use the sword), history is very lame and short (not that others are good at all), Dante's personality got changed from sarcastic to way too serious, the game overall feels boring.

HarryMasonHerpderp2025d ago

You can get the physical copy for Xbox or PS3 for £15 on zavvi, might as well get that....

Perjoss2025d ago

Last time I ordered from zavvi the item took 3 weeks to arrive, maybe I was just unlucky. You can get DMChd from shopto for 15.85 and they have never failed me.

GraveLord2025d ago

I'd love to get into Devil May Cry, I think the reboot is the best way for me. HD graphics and greater emphasis on story is a plus for me.(I don't care about about his haircut)

edenianrain2025d ago

no ones complaining about the hair anyore, its all about the personality, story, and gameplay.

Messor2025d ago

When the series was respectable.