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If We Want the Industry to Grow Up, We Need to Grow Up First

SuperPhillip Central writes, "I always find it hard to talk about wanting the gaming industry to grow up because I'm not exactly a beacon of maturity myself. However, I have long since been over console wars, fanboy wars, and certain-man-part-waving contests on message boards and comment sections (for the most part, that is). It's a fact, however, that so many gamers have not gotten over this mindset. This is a young industry, and because of that, it is a very immature one. This piece is somewhat of a stream of consciousness. It's an oddity of opinion pieces here, but it's one that allows me to rant about how I think that before the industry can be taken seriously, the press, the gamers the press caters to, and industry insiders need to start acting with more maturity." (Assassin's Creed III, Culture, Halo 4, Industry, Wii U, Xbox 360)

GribbleGrunger  +   611d ago | Well said
That's one very well written article. Kudos.

'We get what we deserve'

I'm not entirely convinced that this is the case to be honest. It's the chicken and the egg situation. Are we the fuel or do articles provide that fuel? The whole industry is in such disarray that it's very difficult to cut through the centre of things and see the truth.

One of the biggest problems with suggesting the media is biased or propagandist is that it comes ready wrapped with cliqued responses that offer convenient escapes for even the most rabid 'fanboy'. Even the word 'fanboy' or 'troll' have become convenient mechanisms for avoiding deep and meaningful discussion, leaving us with back and forth arguments of attack and counter-attack. Are WE the problem though? Where was this born?

'This industry is young, and so immature'

I think that's an over-simplification of a more convoluted problem. Clearly, when the author says this, he is reflecting upon the nature of the gamer and not the nature of those that make the games. Listening to Naughty Dog talking about the narrative in their games, leaves us with no doubt that they are intelligent and very mature. So why is it then that some Sony fans and some dissenters can't or won't emulate the behaviour of Naughty Dog?

No, it has to emanate from some other place. You need to look no further than the internet to find your answer. With so many sites vying for your attention, the loudest and brashest are more likely to be heard first. Controversy has taken centre stage and has fanned the flames for so long now that gamers have learned to paraphrase the quick and easy retorts laid out so carefully and deliberately in these grab-the-limelight articles that flood the internet on a daily basis.

War is more lucrative than peace.

Do we get what we deserve? I don't think so. Those hapless people that get caught up in the media circus know no better; they are young and impressionable and from the safety of their keyboard, they can claim a piece of manhood, confident in the fact that they'll only sustain a bruised ego and not a fractured jaw. They're being played by a media that depends and flourishes upon hatred and division. Fanboys are as much the victim as the people they personally attack.

The industry isn't immature, it's cold and calculating and young gamers are their chosen targets. Keep them angry, keep them active and keep them locked into cycles that allow sites to manipulate them into choices they may otherwise not make. Love brings people together, but hatred of others keeps them together. As one they are easy pickings for advertising and purchasing habits.
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LX-General-Kaos  +   611d ago
Very well said man
GribbleGrunger  +   611d ago
Cheers :) I can't agree it would be egotistical LOL... so have a bubble instead.
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MikeMyers  +   611d ago
This part really hits the nail on the head

"In my opinion, gamers get the press they deserve. I watched over the weekend a segment on Gametrailers.com called "Bonus Round." It was essentially a roundtable with three guests and the host. It was an end-of-the-year type deal. Yes, an end-of-the-year type deal in early November. Screw the most important part of the gaming year, the holiday season, let's rush this sucker out because we have no shame. They hilariously talked about Nintendo -- y'know, the company that is kicking off the next gen with a new console in less than two weeks and were actually grading them before the system even came out. The sheer amount of willful ignorance displayed by the supposed experts Gametrailers assembled was astounding. One statement by a panelist wanted Nintendo to license their IPs out to developers working with mobile platforms. That certainly wouldn't cheapen the brands at all and cost Nintendo long-term at all! Way to go, panelist! In all honesty, if you wanted a better panel, you could have selected any three random GameFAQs members. No wonder Nintendo doesn't care about bending over backwards for the Western press anymore-- the press cannot even bother to look up simple things that it's their job to know."

How many times have we read reviews where the person hasn't even finished the game? Or doesn't really like JRPG's, yet is reviewing one? How about games that we know will get better with a patch or update or games that many buy for the online play yet get reviewed before it's out? This is why I take the time to actually read the reviews and not focus solely on the score they give.

Now we've got people who rush out to Metacritic and give some big name game a 0 or a 10 review before even playing it. They're doing what they are told, get out there and get the most attention first.

GribbleGrunger wrote "Do we get what we deserve? I don't think so. Those hapless people that get caught up in the media circus know no better; they are young and impressionable and from the safety of their keyboard, they can claim a piece of manhood, confident in the fact that they'll only sustain a bruised ego and not a fractured jaw. They're being played by a media that depends and flourishes upon hatred and division. Fanboys are as much the victim as the people they personally attack. "

This is true. It's called learned behavior. What else is to be expected when what we are fed a lot of times is rushed biased information? How many articles have already claimed the death of Vita? I used to read a magazine called Next Generation. It was very well written and lots of depth from people who were very mature and just enjoyed not only the games but how they are created and the people behind them. Now when I see sites like IGN and folks like Greg Miller I weep for the future.
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Revolver_X_  +   611d ago
@GribbleGrunger Im not sure I accept the young impressionable angle. Lets be real here, its not 13 yr olds on N4G spewing hate and feeding into nonsense. Alot of these responses are calculated enough to reflect someone of enough intellect to know better. The fanboyism, the trolling, its all calculated to add to the 'internet tough guy' act. I would classify the problem as 70% community and 30% industrys fault.

To be honest, the industry is only going to give what is demanded, controversy. The community feeds into it. They click on these sites and comment with free will. You eluded to a responsibility of unbiased review. The GS review of RE6 was written by a man who openly has never liked any RE game, ever. Is that unbiased? No. Yet, we have communities that flock to it. Notice the controversial reviews get more hits. The ppl love it, then dread it when its done to a game they love, like Halo 4 for example. It IS deserved. The community shouldnt feed into this crap. Stop defending your game, and defend all good games.

This whole console war started it all. Being a fanboy is just ignorant. I preferably dont like Halo, I feel its overrated. But will I troll a forum because someone gave it a 5.5? No. Is it a 5.5 game? I seriously doubt it. Halo is a juggernaut and might lack innovation, as do all long standing franchises do eventually. What they do works, and people love it. The internet is a breeding ground for egos. Everyone thinks their favorite console or game should be everyone elses favorite. Therefore they hate anyone elses preference. Its quite ridiculous.

Back to the point. The industry reflects its consumer. We have the chance with every article to take a stand and not comment. But N4G is part of the problem. Any website that has forums has moderators. As a back up mods keep ppl on topic and chaos to a minimum. With N4G being a 'news' site, theres just a comment section. Someone has to cross the line severly for a N4G 'moderator' to step in. Otherwise its no holds barred. Theres no one keeping ppl on topic, or trolling to a minimum, because this kind of exchange is almost encouraged. Its entertainment. It keeps the two sides arguing, but no closer to anything that reflects clarification. There comes a point where People should realise what is going on and wise up. In order for someone to be trolled, they HAVE to respond to it. Dont participate in it or ignore it completely. It starts snd stops with the community. Otherwise the industry will keep feeding it to you. Places like N4G will continue to be a joke as to have real discussions.
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miyamoto  +   610d ago
I hope the sales figures glorification stops here and now, Kaos.
-for hardware & software.

Its unfair to developers & publishers who make experimental & niche games Japanese or Western especially to game studios who have little budget to make games much more advertise them.

Its unfair to gamers to enjoy these types of games especially those who play JRPGs & other types of games from Japan who are now a minority.

Your statements are promoting a wrong sense of value in gaming with your obsession on sales figures, profits etc.

And by the bubbles you have, what is much more wrong is the many kids who will adopt your mentality & N4G seems to approve of this.

I have seen through your "positive" comments and in my opinion they do more chaos than good.

Microsoft's sales PR seems to have gotten the better of you through all this time & now you are making many Nintendo fans think the way you do.

When video games are ruled by the Japanese, Nintendo, Sega and Sony, there was honor among them. Regardless of who were selling more, SNES, Genesis, PSOne, or PS2 no one cared.

There was no talk of sales figures at all like you do today. Yes until Microsoft stepped in the game, all chaos broke loose.

Adios, Kaos. Tell your "Elite" group to be responsible members of the gaming society
chadboban  +   611d ago
Couldn't agree more. After reading this comment I'd like to see you write an article on this topic.
Old McGroin  +   611d ago
Wow. Brilliantly written.
chadboban  +   611d ago
One of the best articles I've read this week. I hope people actually pay attention to it instead of the usual. "PS4 is more powerful than...", "Halo 1/5 reviews", "Here's a new single GTA V screenshot!" and of course the "Here's some fanboy flamebait, you know you're gonna take it" articles that frequently get so popular here.
Nexgensensation  +   611d ago
this article make valid points!
Im also a gamer who realizes the immaturity of this industry. I'd always wondered why the lack sophisticated morals in today's gaming, not that i'm comparing today's gaming with yesterday's.

Im just saying! one may believe that after several console generation, after faster processing power, and a bigger raam. Gaming today should have by now be parrellel to movie qualty!
Old McGroin  +   611d ago
Very good article, although he completely missed the point regarding the uproar over that 7/10 review.
ShaunCameron  +   611d ago

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