Andrew House set to take over Sony Network Entertainment, Tim Schaaff to retire

GamingVogue writes: Some changes are happening at Sony, as SCE president Andrew House continues his ascension in the company.

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andibandit1988d ago

Retiring at 52??? more like


Sanquine901988d ago

Tim schaaf still in board of directors ( Yeah fired ;) )

jaosobno1988d ago

When you want to get rid of some high manager you promote him to a position in which he has little to no influence on products and company policy.

Just ask Ken Kutaragi.

joeorc1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Its not , like the board of directors are not that important in running a company or anything...:D people do not quit your day job..lmao, i doubt very much do you even know what Tim has done over at Sony , or even care to know! That's ok its good to have no real information about the guy and just put your opinion out there about the actions that were taken without knowing anything going on.