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StickSkills said, "Halo 4 succeeds in its developer transition, and in many ways, is the most enjoyable entry in the franchise. The multiplayer is an addictive mix of both old and new shooter tropes, and the progression system in place should satisfy players until a new numbered Halo appears. It’s also a massive step up in terms of presentation, with both the art and technology taking tangible strides since our tour of Reach. But the campaign, which only lasts around six hours, is just a little too analogous to what we’ve played many times before. The return of the Master Chief is worth seeing, and there are some truly special narrative moments that help to build pivotal characters. Yet, things start to look and feel all too familiar before the credits roll. Halo 4 is a safe return to one of gaming’s most recognizable protagonists, but I can’t help feeling like something more interesting could have been accomplished by this new development studio."

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Sp1d3ynut2053d ago

Bogus score. Do the math from their individual scoring of the game's components, and it averages out to 4.3, not a 4. This is why I don't pay attention to review sites/mags that use this scheme; their final score is often not reflective of the comments/criticisms throughout the review...just an arbitrary number pulled from the air. Some may say "It's just .3, not a big deal". Well it is, if you consider 4.3= 86%, and 4.0= 80% ; that's the difference between a B and a B+, with an 80 being a mere 1 pt. above a C+ score.

Sp1d3ynut2053d ago

Well, at least 1 person fails to comprehend simple math. Arkansas much?