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THQ – The Rise, The Fall, The End?

With THQ’s share price having collapsed and rumors of bankruptcy, studio closures or a sale swirling, the Daily Reaction crew of Dan and Seb discuss the road THQ has taken to get to this point. (Darksiders 2, Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, Saints Row 4, Saints Row: The Third, THQ, Wii U, Xbox 360)

alexcosborn  +   611d ago
But I want Darksiders 3!
showtimefolks  +   611d ago
I want THW to survive but let's be real with under $100 million in cash remaining and going down each day I don't see them making pass next 6 months. They just don't need one big hit they need 3-4 big hits and I am talking abut each game selling minimum 5 and some even 8-10 p,us million

The real question people should be asking is which publisher they want which can buy THQ. THQ has IP's that others will want. But just like UFC I think THQ will start to loose it's grip.

What's truely sad is this over the last 1 year THQ has actually changed and trying to go away from licensed games and more towards quality AAA titles.

I hope I am dead 100% wrong I rather be wrong on this than right because I also want saints row,darrksiders 3,wwe,metro,company of heros to continue but right now it's not looking good

I say EA,activision,Sony,MS. One of these 4 may play to get THQ if it comes to that
brish  +   611d ago
"As at the end of this quarter (Dec 31) they will be projected to be at a loss of $56 million dollars ..."
- from article about THQ

"EA Posts $381 Million Loss"
- http://n4g.com/news/1111466...

EA hasn't made any money is years. Where are all the "EA is going bankrupt" articles?
taquito  +   611d ago
when a corporation reports a "loss" of 381 million, it doesn't mean they are 381 million in the hole, it means they thought they would make 681 million and only made 300 million, hence a 381 million loss.

you don't honestly think every time you hear this type of statement that these companies are actually losing money?
doctorstrange  +   611d ago
I'll miss THQ if they go, I've got some fond memories.
Foolsjoker  +   611d ago
They had some of the best wrestling games on the N64, I still miss those days.
knifefight  +   611d ago
Hell yeah, my brother and I would rent an N64 (back when you could rent consoles, lulz) with WCW Revenge whenever the cousins would come over. Some fun nights.
Foolsjoker  +   611d ago
Yeah, back when they would give you a console in a briefcase looking thing.

So much fun WCW Vs. NWO: World Tour, WCW: Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000.
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ftwrthtx  +   611d ago
I would hate to see them go. Hopefully just a restructuring is in order.
NYC_Gamer  +   611d ago
THQ is almost dead...The whole company right now is only worth 7-10 million dollars plus share holders are running away....It's looking real doubtful for THQ.
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dbjj12088  +   611d ago
Hopefully not the end. I wanna play Stick of Truth.
GroundsKeeperJimbo  +   611d ago
This, and a new saints row was rumored. Plus the long-shot that was Homefront 2 was picked up by them, would love to see that multi-player get fleshed out.

And more Warhammer 40k stuff, they own the rights to a lot of that.

I'm holding out hope for them yet.
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Conzul  +   611d ago
I remember Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance for PC. So many hours.....heheh. RIP THQ
urwifeminder  +   611d ago
Some of the best racing games online or off moto gp 06 07 on 360 amazing games.
ZeekQuattro  +   611d ago
I've seen this happen before and it usually doesn't end pretty. I'd hate to see another game company that I like go under but I wouldn't be surprised if THQ did just that in this climate. They've had bad luck for years.
Hazmat13  +   611d ago
but i want Saints Row 4: Enter The Dominatrix!
ShaunCameron  +   611d ago
To answer the article's question, Saints Row: The Third. Very good game.

It sucks it has to come down to this. uDraw for the HD consoles turned out to be beginning of the end. And Darksiders II not being the megahit they were hoping it to be.
Norrison  +   611d ago
I really hope someone continues the darksiders, saints row and metro series if studios get closed
jmc8888  +   611d ago
Mismanagement. Plain and simple. But on so many levels.

Frontlines: Fuel of War was a fun multiplayer.
Red Faction: Guerrilla was the best multiplayer experience I've ever had. So epic, so revolutionary. Demolition mode had your team try to defend a group of buildings from being destroyed by the other team. If they got destroyed, you'd fall back (similar to Rush mode on Battlefield 3 or BF/BF2: Bad Company). Then you need to protect another set of buildings. One of the weapons you could find around the map was a rebuilder, so you could even rebuild the buildings if you had it.

Even on the 360 the destruction of the buildings was SWEET, and tactical. The backpacks you could pick up were great and altered how you played magnificently. The maps were great, the buildings came in all shapes and sizes. Some were absolutely HUGE too. The physics were great.

Absolutely AMAZING multiplayer. People played it heavily for a couple of years, and you can still find a match if you wait long enough. 360 or PC version. (yeah I picked up the PC version on steam sale about a year ago).

So why do I bring it up? Because when Volition/THQ announced Red Faction: Armageddon I was like SSSWEEEEEET. When it came out, not only had the open world single player part of the game changed to linear, they completely ditched the competitive multiplayer ENTIRELY. Are you kidding me? It was LOVED by people. Imagine CoD without a multiplayer and that's basically like it was, except smaller fan base. But that's what it was.

They ditched the revolutionary multiplayer. Great move management. Take your differentiator, the thing that you had nailed, that no one else was doing, and ditch it. The breath of fresh air wrung out by the mismanagement of Volition/THQ. I guess I can't tell what side did it, but reading that article leads me to ultimately lay the blame at the feet of THQ. (and the long article it referenced)

Seriously how hard would it of been to simply make new maps and maybe a couple of different backpacks? The gameplay and mechanics were rock solid, and the building destruction was prominent in what they put out, so there simply is no excuse for what they did.

I hope THQ succeeds, but what I hope for more is that somehow, someway the Red Faction series lives on and that the revolutionary multiplayer of Red Faction: Guerrilla is reborn in a new installment of the series. They've got some good IP's. Saints Row is great too. So many things going right for it, yet some group of management is majorly screwing up.
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Mythicninja  +   611d ago
I want that goddamn warhammer dark millennium
gninja92  +   610d ago
if companies were less greedy such as putting in online passes and dlc passes. but instead focused more on delivering everything in the games themselves like they used to (pre-2010). they would still survive.
BitbyDeath  +   610d ago
Looking through their games history i am surprised by how much shovelware they have made.

Wow, Power Rangers, My little Pony, Sponge Bob and everything in between. The bad certainly seems to outweigh the good.

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