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Activision extends Call Of Duty Elite premium subscriptions for free

A few extra months added on to keep you playing Modern Warfare 3. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

CrimsonessCross  +   613d ago

I honestly want to ask what the point would be to extend something that won't get any more DLC, won't need to be paid for in Black Ops 2 or how it would keep people playing once Black Ops 2 releases...

(if anyone can answer me this, I'd truely like to know :S)
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MrMister  +   613d ago
Wait. I lost interest in COD after mw3 but BO2 looks good: so, want I want to ask is...is Cod elite REALLY free with BO2?
CrimsonessCross  +   613d ago
It really does! :)

I believe the WHOLE Elite bit is going to be free for Black Ops 2, correct. There will be the season pass or map packs like usual though.

"Black Ops 2 Elite Service Will Be Free
DLC will be sold separately as Season Pass or individual map packs."
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Assass1nN1nja  +   613d ago
The purpose is for those who want to level up their clan to level 50 without having to worry about their subscriptions ending a month or so after Black Ops 2 releases. My clan is level 42 and 1416xp away from Level 43 so we'll still be playing the clan ops for MW3 until reach we level 50. I have over 40 members so we'll be playing both simultaneously. I hope that answers your question @CrimsonessCross
CrimsonessCross  +   613d ago
Makes sense.

I was just curious as to what kind of reason one would keep with the game since the levels won't transfer over at all from what I remember reading. At least you can say you hit level 50 then :)
gninja92  +   612d ago
is it free for mw3. like can i acccess premium content except the dlc on mw3? like all the "improve" sections on mw3 can i access them now or is the free version only for BO2

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