Geomerics tools set for launch

Geomerics has completed work on its radiosity lighting engine Enlighten, ahead of next week's Game Developers Conference.

The toolset, which claims to give "developers the quality of pre-computed lighting without the pre-compute" is designed to replicate realistic lighting effects by modelling light as it bounces from surfaces.

The toolset, available in a modular toolkit in order to enable integration into existing development frameworks, is also compatible with 3D Studio Max and Maya.

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ip-student3715d ago

One of the problems with procedural generation of art is that you have to deal with lighting and shadows and in the past it has been computationally expensive to do good lighting in real time. If this geomerics works as promised then both the PS3 and 360 should see a substantial improvement. And I understand this works with Epic's engine so there is a potential for a substantial improvement in lighting.

Still, it will be the next generation before enough power is available to really do next-generation games. This generation you are seeing pieces but a lot of what you see are work arounds or incomplete implementations because Sony and MS decided to provide less than optimal CPUs (but decent graphic cards). Still, thanks to things like speed tree, euphoria and geomerics, you may see something is almost entirely procedurally generated, with real time lighting and realistic npc behavior. If it can be done all at the same time it will provide a huge reduction in production costs while potentially increasing production values.

But time will tell - maybe the current gen of consoles don't have quite enough power to make this all work at once. Any developers out there that know the answer?

iAmPS33714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Honestly, the closest we can get to see real improvements is with the PS3 hardware. The Cell technology was developed to deal with all that, arranging several different real-time simulations at the same time, any hardware can make polygons, some tech simulations I have seen on the PS3 prove that there is a lot of room to implement procedural generated content on all game aspects.

@ip student:You are right, PS4 is going to be a huge leap in technology.