Check out the Full World Map of New Super Mario Bros. U

Apparently, the pack-in game guide that comes with New Super Mario. Bros. U features a full world map.

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Gr812227d ago

Now that's cool. It brings me back to my childhood days. I'm looking forward to playing this game sometime in the future.

Kamikaze1352227d ago

It's reminiscent to the map design of Super Mario World. That's pretty awesome.

firefly692227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

See nintendo dont need to cut on game manuals from games!Sadly something that others think its not needed!This shows the diference from wanting to screw every penny they can from gamers (EA,UBISOFT....),and making games for gamers like Nintendo.Always welcome the game manual for the price i pay for games!

Erimgard2227d ago

Love the Super Mario World vibes.

banjadude2227d ago

As a fan of game manuals, I'm happy to see Nintendo is put effort back into designing them. Looks very nice and detailed!