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Watch: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Epic Launch Trailer

Luckily, early buzz has been positive and today's launch trailer does a lot to affirm that this won't be a simple rehash. The trailer, which is more epic than you'd ever expect a Ninja Gaiden one to be, shows off the plot as well as snippets of gameplay exclusive to the Wii version. (Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Wii U)

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chadboban  +   528d ago
At this point, it looks like a completely different game. (That's not a bad thing)
colonel179  +   528d ago
I heard that this will bring back NG 1 & 2 gameplay. Is it true? Does anyone know?

The game looks much better than what I have seen from the PS3 and 360 versions. If the gameplay goes back to the way it was, it's a definite buy from me.
dragonrage00  +   528d ago
They are basically bringing back what they shouldn't have taken out in the first place: weapons, dismemberment, and difficulty. Its obviously a much better game, but I dont think it will be quite enough. As far as I know, fiends are still MIA(with the exception of the flashbacks), and the UT mechanic is that same shitty one. If team ninja wants to truly prove that they are fine without Itagaki, they better release a kickass NG4.
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wishingW3L  +   528d ago
this is basically Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 under the Ninja Gaiden 3 skin... They added so much content that this could pass for a new game (because they removed LOTS of stuff from NG3). Even the gameplay itself was heavily tweaked like for example: no more QTE's that ruin your combos. I really have no idea what they were thinking when they did this and to think that this is the same dev that gave us the first 2 games it blows your mind because the gameplay changes were that terrible.

Seriously, Team Ninja had no idea what they were doing when they were developing NG3. The mistakes they made were so big it's just ridiculous.
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herbs  +   527d ago
Yes apparently it is much harder with more aggressive enemies and Ryu is more nimble. Hopefully there will be an option for Japanese voice acting with English sub titles so all the characters don't sound like idiots (am I the only one who does this?)
wishingW3L  +   528d ago
those bastards used the PS3 and Xbox to beta-test this game!
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a_bro  +   528d ago
agreed. We got a beta compared to this. I guess we're gonna have to wait a year to get this version....or just get a Wii U.

and thats not a bad thing.
Ck1x  +   528d ago
Nintendo is publishing this game, there is no way that Nintendo is letting this version go anywhere else... I dont know why people keep thinking that they are gonna see this or Bayonetta 2 sometime in the future. Its the same reason you haven't seen a Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country or Golden Eye 007 game for the Xbox360! Nintendo published all of those games. Now Perfect Dark and Conker they did not and that's why those games are on the 360.
cee773  +   528d ago

nintendo do not own killer instinct or banjo
microsoft does and can release those said games whenever they please nintendo has no say so
deafdani  +   528d ago

Even with Nintendo publishing it, there's still a chance of some version of this game appearing on other platforms in the future. Same goes with Bayonetta 2. It all depends on the terms of the publishing contract, and the handling of the game for other platforms.

Take the first Mass Effect game, for example. It was published by Microsoft, so it was a PC and Xbox360 exclusive for years. But now, PS3 users are going to be able to enjoy Mass Effect 1 too, because the PS3 is going to get the whole Mass Effect Trilogy soon (as well as the Xbox 360).

So, maybe this game can appear in a modified form on other consoles, similar to how it happened with Mass Effect 1. For example, if Team Ninja decided to release the whole Ninja Gaiden Trilogy or something like that. Same with Bayonetta 2.

yami930  +   528d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 was published by Microsoft and Mass Effect 1 was published by Mircosoft, but PS3 still got Ninja Gaiden 2 in the form of Sigma 2 and Mass Effect 1 is coming to PS3 through its trilogy pack. Companies usually find easy ways to get around thigs, all they would have to do really for this Ninja Gaiden is add content / tweak some things / call it Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 and its on the PS3, same for Bayonetta 2, as long as enough is changed in the game they can sell it on other platfroms, because it is a new / different game than the one that released on the console it was previously exclusive on.
SonyNGP  +   527d ago
So I guess the 360 isn't the only console that beta tested a Ninja Gaiden game anymore huh? :V
Sp1d3ynut  +   528d ago
Anybody else get a "Metal Gear, but with ninjas" vibe from this?
AWBrawler  +   528d ago
now that you mention it...........
Lord_Sloth  +   528d ago
Nope. Metal Gear Rising gives me that vibe though.
Sp1d3ynut  +   528d ago
That's a little different...more like "Ninja Gaiden, but with a homosexual cyborg instead of Ryu". :o
Lord_Sloth  +   527d ago
That wasn't very nice...Or accurate.
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Vandamme21  +   528d ago
I really hope they bring this to the ps3 as ninja gaiden sigma 3. I don't feel like getting a system just for one game.
ZeekQuattro  +   528d ago
There are so many games that I want in the launch window that it isn't funny. Its going to be a busy next few months.
metroid32  +   528d ago
Graphics look better and gameplay is smoother and faster.
R6ex  +   528d ago
Hope to see this and Bayonetta 2 on PC someday.
young7yang  +   528d ago
I already gave into the darkness and got my Wii-u

I'm a ninja gaiden junky from the days of the NES and Atari Lynx!
MegaLagann  +   528d ago
As a big time Ninja Gaiden fan, words can't describe how bad 3 was, but I feel optimistic that they can fix it. Despite what everyone else thinks I think the series can do fine without Itagaki. This game was an example of someone new coming in and instead of building upon a tried and true formula and building upon it, took the series in a new direction, trying to appeal to everyone while at the same time appealing to no one. But unlike most creators that think anyone who criticizes their work doesn't know that they're talking about, Hayashi at the very least seems to have taken the criticisms to heart and is at least trying to make it better. I think this was a wake up call and hopefully we'll see Ninja Gaiden turn to form with the 4th installment (don't even mention Ninja Gaiden Z, it's being developed by Spark Unlimited, it'll be shit). I'm excited for this game and that was one badass trailer and i'm pretty sure i'll get it day one, but I some good reviews will definitely help my purchase.
firefly69  +   527d ago
Already on my most buy Wii U list!I payed the first 2 levels of NG3 on the 360 and never more touch the game ,its just there lost among my backlog,i was a guy that finnish every NG GAMES on hard mode from start to finnish without playing any other game at the same time.ITs a blessing seeing that finnaly im getting to play NG3 HAS IT SHOUD HAVE BEEN FROM START!AND its also good to see Team Ninja back to the roots of NG WERE they shoud never need to leave.Ninja GAIDEN its a hardcore game with relentess dificulty,and gameplay its a formula that team ninja shoud never change because thats the way it shoud be played,and the only way the true ninja gaiden supporters will get back to the fight once more.It sure looks better in every way on the WII U,thanks Nintendo for picking up this and publishing it!
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Ck1x  +   527d ago
People have to understand something, all publishing contracts are not created equal! Just because I mentioned that no Nintendo published game has ever showed up on another console before. People throw around, well Microsoft published ME1 and NG2 and those showed or are showing up on PS3... But notice that I said no Nintendo published game! We're not talking about Microsoft here, we know that they are willing to pay for timed exclusives, DLC and what not. But Nintendo is a different animal. They understand the value in having IP's partial to your format as does Sony now as well! But what would Microsoft do next gen if Gears goes Multiplat? There is nothing stopping the game from doing this and extreme publishing contracts are one of the ways that get this done. But larger companies like EA, Ubisoft and Epic aren't as easy to reel into an ironclad contract as a smaller developer would be, they could just publish the games themselves no problem. So like I was stating, yes Microsoft owns the IP's of Killer Instinct & Banjo&Kazooie through their purchase of Rare, but Nintendo owns the publishing rights to those games... Which is why its been heavily rumored that Nintendo is in talks with Microsoft of buying Rare back so they can get to Banjo&Kazooie.
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DivineAssault  +   527d ago
Do me a favor & dont call me out my name nor try to insult me pal.. I dont give a damn what u say or do to praise n defend your precious nintendo company but ur crossing the line with crap like that.. No1 asked u to read what i post so put me on ignore n mind your damn business.. Why are u so offended by what i say huh? does it hurt u that much that u gotta cry about it? I like some of nintendos exclusives ok.. But i know what they do & have been doing since NES.. I still own EVERY console theyve ever released & will buy this wii u one day as well, but my opinions have nothing to do with u so move along..

I can say & do whatever the hell i want & u aint going to change that.. Take away bubbles n cry all u want pal but it changes nothing.. I can comment on articles related to consoles that i support so if i dont like something about it, u call it trolling.. Just cuz u love any damn thing they do no matter what doesnt mean everyone else feels that way.. Wii U has & will have pros n cons just like EVERY SINGLE other console out there.. Get over it cuz if i support sony, nintendo, & microsoft, i will voice whatever the F*** i want.. Who the hell are u say whats right or wrong about anything? Now move along n have a nice day
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Ck1x  +   527d ago
It gets really old to see the same baseless comments everyday from the same people... Unlike you I actually plan on getting a PS4 and happen to like many of the Sony exclusives! So you don't see me over in every PS3 comment section bashing Sony about the Vita, PS3 or whatever. What you don't understand is it has nothing to do with defending Nintendo! We could be talking about apples in this section every day and you would be coming here telling us every day how you hate apples... So its tiresome to read thoughtless points amongst others that are trying to actually discuss things intellectually. Just as you say you can say what you want and nothing is going to change that. Well just be prepared to get it back in return then! You can't spew the same garbage everyday and then cry when someone calls you out on it...
izumo_lee  +   527d ago
Do you know what i would not be surprised if PS3 & 360 owners get this game renamed as a 'Sigma' game down the line. Remember Ninja Gaiden 2 was published by Microsoft but that did not stop Team Ninja to port it over to the PS3 as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.
MegaLagann  +   527d ago
Because Microsoft came to some agreement with Sony. Unlike Microsoft Nintendo cares about their exclusives, so I doubt there's going to be a Sigma 3.

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