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First look at ‘Black Ops 2’ Allure Eyeware; promises to enhance performance

The first images have been revealed today for the upcoming “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” Allure Eyeware, which promises to enhance player performance. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

dazzrazz  +   527d ago
I fell sorry for people who fall for this shit
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Lovable  +   527d ago
Already preordered it. Can't wait to enhance my gaming experience!!!
Detoxx  +   526d ago
Lol have fun with your $5 tinted plastic glasses
Real time sheep gameplay!
Holeran  +   526d ago
They could improve your performance if your eyes are bad and they were set to your prescription, but it doesn't list that anywhere.....hmmmm
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   526d ago
they are A-LURE for the brainwashed casuals who buy this s#!t...

...you mean these glasses still don't hide those awful textures? awww damn...
jjb1981  +   526d ago
I'd backhand them off someone's face if I saw them wearing a pair, like that lady guard did to the terminator in terminator 2!
bumnut  +   526d ago
If they make a difference, surely they would make a difference to everything displayed on a TV?!?!?!

My bet is people who buy these also send bank details to Nigerian princes :)
nikrel  +   526d ago
not sure about this, but the Gunnar brand glasses work. I picked up a pair(now broke) due to kids but anyway. They really good work, took them to my eye doctor and he said that everyone should be using a product like this as it reduces glare/stress and other things.

I'm going to be buying a new pair of gunnars soon, really helped my eye fatigue. I have 20/10 vision too, eye health is a major concern for me as I am & have been a gamer for a long time.
ninjahunter  +   526d ago
Gunnar is great, i got a pair and their great for everything, not just computering. It seems like they take 20/20 and make it better. Not a single person ive convinced to buy them has regretted it.
nikrel  +   526d ago
I used them for driving at night as well, I always have issues while driving at night.

Yeah my brother when playing COD was always asking to borrow them when I wasn't using them.
imXify  +   526d ago
I think they really work, I think it works the same as camera filters but for the eye. I think people should learn more about before saying anything.
braydox21  +   526d ago
thats good to see that these glassess are actually helping people with vision issues.
lfclee  +   526d ago
What is so wrong with liking cod? perhaps i'm not the sheep perhaps alot of other gamers are here because once some gamers can't play the game online and start rubbishing the game everyone follows suit like on here.

So come again who are the sheep come again, if a gamer wants to spend is cash on glasses that's up to him too.
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