Splinter Cell dev: Industry must offer more than violence

GI - Blacklist director Patrick Redding says focus on gore makes games an "easy target", believes diversity can quell concerns.

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donniebaseball1809d ago

Great stuff and I completely agree. The industry needs to mature and open up to more genres than violence.

RXL1809d ago

like what?...

games that you don't need to kill people in order to progress or win?


Metal Gear Series
Deus Ex

or games that aren't actually focused on the violence but more the story?


(including the aforementioned games)
Heavy Rain

probably one of the most highest profile games is a violent one and you let your kids play it

Super Mario games

going around crushing your enemies under your boots literally every two seconds and murdering the main villain by throwing him into the sun?

talk about violent and immature!

The_Nameless_One1809d ago

Like Spec Ops The Line. Gameplay might not be that exciting as other TPS but it does the job and the story is truly amazing.

Soldierone1809d ago

It will probably never catch on, at least for a while. Even some of the most kid friendly movies still have violence in it. Cartoon violence.

I think we will keep getting more art games, but it will never be mainstream. just like art movies no one likes, but get respected by the industry.

Lord_Sloth1809d ago

Is that why you take a more violent action approach?

Allsystemgamer1809d ago

It's a hypocritical statement that's for sure. This is the most violent sc to date...

OhMyGandhi1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Calling the kettle black I see...
unbelievable. and coming from someone who is in the process of obliterating a franchise by "making the player feel like an experienced killer".

Even in PSOM he said he wants people to not worry about "aiming and feeling fragile and stuff".
He is the posterchild of a (newly redefined) game that uses mindless, shameless slaughter as a key selling point.

cj1pate1011809d ago

wow you sir are a genius =).

cj1pate1011809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

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