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Why Halo 5 needs to revisit Halo 4's Requiem

OXM - I'm enjoying the heck out of Halo 4's multiplayer. The hell, even. Partly that's because of how adroitly 343 has woven certain recent shooter trends - streaks, passive abilities, different types of assist - into the old Halo matrix. You get points for distracting people nowadays, a significant departure from the multiplayer blaster I used to play as a lad, back when Activision still made shooters that aren't Call of Duty and DLC meant "dual-listed company". (Halo 5: Guardians, Next-Gen)

aviator189  +   608d ago
I really like the world of Requiem and I do definitely want to revisit it.
But I think, more than anything else, I want to go back to the Halo rings.
spicelicka  +   608d ago
I would like that too but i wanna go place to place, human colonies to Requiem to Halo rings. But i would like the halo rings landscape to look different, there's many unexplored rings left, I don't want all of them to look like the Canadian rockies.

Speaking of which, i really want to see a place with completelyy distinct geography next time. Backwash from halo 2 is a great example (but perhaps more beautiful). A dose of random geography with trees the shape of spirals, floating water, exotic animals wandering around etc., maybe I'm over-thinking it but the possibilities are endless.
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vishant101  +   608d ago
I personally want more human populated worlds the sense of destruction is more devastating when you can actually see the people you are tryna protect. Also i just have one request please can i have a flood level in a city in the next game imagine the flood taking over an entire city :D

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