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-Mezzo-2022d ago

My hype is at an all time high.

SJPFTW2022d ago

Grand Theft Auto + Red Dead Redemption's gun mechanics = TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!!!

mttrackmaster382022d ago

It should use Max Payne 3s shooting mechanics. They are glorious!

Dee_912022d ago

From this day forward im depositing my all my checks directly to rockstar bank account.


Cam9772022d ago

RDR gun mechanics made me discover my sick, sadistic side. I just shot people to see how they reacted - if this has it then I can safely say it will make me sicker.

SnotyTheRocket2022d ago

Meh, they need to make a new Red Dead.

QuantumWake2022d ago

They are both great games. We could probably see a new Red Dead in the Future after GTA V.

Knight_Crawler2022d ago

Agreed I will take a new Red Dead Redemption over GTA any day.

I feel that after GTA4 the series has lost its touch is becoming boring.

R* should make Red Dead the new GTA - The wild wild west is more interesting than the city life which I experience every day in my real life.

Dee_912022d ago

I prefer a new Midnight Club over Red Dead right now.

Sad they wont be making anymore Midnight Clubs tho :( !!!

Grap2022d ago

lol after one game u judge not only V but whole series. what a great logic u have

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2pacalypsenow2022d ago

Ill be waiting to see if its like San Andreas or GTA4 if its like GTA 4 im not even gonna bother

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paydayp2022d ago

it talks about one protagonist, a east coast gangster.
I hoped it was just one playable character

paydayp2022d ago

I can´t seem to make out if its concept art of a in game pic it looks more to be concept art then in game tough

(couldn´t edit my first comment)

PinkFunk2022d ago

Also, @payday,

I think it's in-game rather than concept, albeit probably retouched with AA and all that to smooth it out. Take a look at the jetski, from a typography perspective, the lettering on "LIFEGUARD" seems to stretch, and that's only possible when stretching over a texture with in-game assets. So to my discerning eye, it looks in-game, and my does it look gorgeous. Water effect and lighting and facial expression are top notch.

Blacktric2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I don't think that's accurate though. Especially considering they only have one page dedicated for it with barely any info.

Also you guys can see the screenshot without any words printed over it below.

Looks ingame.

paydayp2022d ago

yeah im affraid the info isn't accurate also but i really hope it is just one playable character.

but on the the pic i dont know if its ingame when i look at the jetski i say yes but if you look at the guy and the shadows on him i start to doubt myself.

PinkFunk2022d ago

I'm up for two playable characters if they work it out well. Essentially they're just prolonging the story mode, and giving two perspectives on the living virtual world they've built.

I do hope it's not something that switches back and forth, but rather play as one character, finish the story, and then start a new story with the other character. Almost like when they added the DLC for GTAIV, but now it's packaged within it.

Again, I love the idea of exploring the world from two different characters. Really will give a better view onto the people of the city!

HammadTheBeast2022d ago

It would be interesting if we got to play as two, but then one died in the middle.

TheLyonKing2022d ago

I got my pre-order (I can't wait ti play golf and surf that sounds awesome!

This image reminds me slightly of gta 4 where you had to shoot people while on the boat.

Gta 5 will be a much need boost to the games industry.

Prcko2022d ago

HYPE 10000000000000000%
gonna explode

crimsonfox2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Shit just got real
This game looks nuts graphicly. It's amazing that we could all enjoy this game with out having to buy a new console and have it look this good. I'm super excited for this game. Can't wait to read all about it tomorrow.

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The story is too old to be commented.