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Mass Effect 4: Where Does BioWare Go from ME3?

GI - BioWare Montreal producer Fabrice Condominas revealed recently that they have begun work on Mass Effect 4 and that the protagonist will not be Commander Shepard. Furthermore, he goes on to say that the protagonist will not be “Shepard 2” or “a soldier in the universe.” Fan reaction is mixed, as many decry the lack of closure at Shepard’s story in the most popular ending of Mass Effect 3. This statement that the protagonist will not be “Shepard 2” also leads to multiple interpretations. Since Shepard lacked many universal traits and was mostly defined by the players choices in-game, does this mean that the new protagonist will lack that degree of player input, or will the new protagonist just have significant differences in backstory and role in the galaxy? (BioWare, Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Software_Lover  +   891d ago
I would prefer it to be next gen, more of an RPG like Elder Scrolls (but of course with guns), and a new story all together.
camel_toad  +   891d ago
They should do a mega prequel where everyone is still a neanderthal and you can upgrade your wooden clubs and have grunting for dialogue choices.
Zeixama  +   891d ago
Bioware, you should definitely bring back that unique planetary discovering 'anomaly' missions. They are sometimes creepy, giving fresh and strange shivering feelings to players, remember Mass Effect 2?

How about AI-Pilot couple's child?

Who knows, maybe there will be multiple playable characters. But if it was dreamy, I could chose Miranda between ME Trilogy characters, as next protagonist.

I think Bioware will go to more online multiplayer and less single player path.
camel_toad  +   891d ago
Yeh I really did miss the anomaly missions from me2. Most people hated the random planet exploration in me1 where you would travel the surface of strange planets but I still liked it despite it being an underdeveloped idea.
Hanso  +   891d ago
Marauder Shields failed his last mission
Bon Scott  +   891d ago
where should bioware go from me3?

I'll tell you where................back to what made the first and second so effing great!
And they should let characters reproduce so you can raise and eventually control your own child through ME 4 5 and 6.
Think about it bioware.
I want royalties if you get this idea.

Feel free to pm me cause I have way better ideas than that lol.
exsturminator01  +   891d ago
Less than a year and EA is squeezing another Mass Effect out of Bioware? Well, I guess the loss of the Doctors has taken all friction out of the corporate machine making these decisions. Good luck Bioware, hope your devs work well under horrible schedules and unreasonable expectations, and God help you if your Dragon Age multiplayer and Mass Effect Facebook integration app don't keep up with whatever numbers Call of Duty draws when you release; that's the only true way to measure success after all in your taskmaster's eyes, and loyalty must be earned by constant success, can't have developers experimenting with new franchises or trends after all.

Great, talked myself into a depression; I'm gonna go play KOTOR and pretend I didn't write this.
jb1276  +   891d ago
I just hope they do a better job of transitioning from one protagonist to the next.... because looking back at Dragon Age to Dragon Age II the main character of DA was a bad ass Grey Warden with lofty aspirations of stopping a blight and killing a dragon whereby protecting an entire land... then DAII was about becoming a champion of a single town...

SO if I go from battling Reapers that threaten a galaxy (which was stopped or not) ... to some "person" in ME4 and the story takes a page from Dragon Age II..... then... me no like
Lucreto  +   891d ago
I thought they said their will be no Mass Effect game based after ME3 due to the choices.

It would have to be a prequel or based in the 2 years when Sheperd was dead.
Jinkies  +   891d ago
Won't be the same without playing my Shepard, you can toss a new character at us but I want to know what happened to Shepard at the end of the ME3, I saw him breath in so why havent they expanded on that, it's like a "Where going to expand on this in ME4"
pandehz  +   891d ago
I think they should take leaps in the genre.

Well ideally in my perfect dream I Imagine a living breathing sandbox universe where you can access all the planets with ground and space fights while the story is played out.

I dont think they should only improve upon this gen work but totally redo mechanics and make it an action adventure rpg sandbox co-op hybrid with no boring timetaking mechanics.
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ufo8mycat  +   891d ago
They can go where they like

I will be pirating it regardless though. Why?

After all the empty promises that your decisions from the 3 games will impact the ending blah blah blah and not to mention the crappy mediocre ending.

Hmmm yeah Bioware do not deserve any $$$$

Pirating away. Well done Bioware
FarCryLover182  +   891d ago
I am not sure why I bought ME3 on day one when it is in the bargain bin now. I will wait for this one.
ThanatosDMC  +   891d ago
I want to get my custom ship, crew, hero, armors, weapons, deaper skill tree, open world, travel where i want to, no crappy minigame planet resource game, open ended like Fallout 3:GOTY.

No BS either like from vanilla ME3. Screw multiplayer if it'll compromise the single player experience.
V1ncent1Zer0  +   890d ago
Agree with lucreto.

Perhaps a parallel story spanning the 2 years that Shep is out of action. Use the game save from ME1 to reflect the state of the galaxy left from your original choices with a wider selection of human and non-human protagonist that you can edit physically and again with variable backgrounds. Not necessarily a straight military character but someone from the seedier side. Take in venues such as omega and ilium plus others new to us. Bring back a sense of exploration. And trading for equipment. Maybe run into appropriate canon characters like garrus in archangel mode or zaeed.
Maybe find out what happened to corporal toombs.

The game follows your adventures until the shit hits the galactic fan and you volunteer as an N7 spec op in the fight against the reapers, and that end plays out the from game saved choices you made in ME3.

Just putting it out there.
atticus14  +   890d ago
Since SWTOR kinda bombed I say Mass Effect MMO is in full development now. Not really going to steal any subscribers so no need holding it back.

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