Where I'd Like To See 343 Studios Take The Halo Brand

Game Informer - Earlier today, Halo 4's executive producer Kiki Wolfkill talked about how she thought Microsoft could take the Halo franchise into genres outside of first-person shooters. Here are my thoughts on that.

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kamakaz3md1865d ago

they took the halo brand and made 4... your already ready for another halo game? thats the sad thing about the gaming world, is they have made like 5+ games this gen... they need to chill out, take there time, and make us wait, polish there games to a T.

Bathyj1865d ago

Kiki Wolfkill?
Is that a real name? That sounds so made up.

FarCryLover1821865d ago

I think it is real actually lol.

aviator1891865d ago

It's her real name, actually.

Every time she's interviewed, they always point that out.
Awesome name though.