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Mortal Kombat Kombatants Do It Gangnam Style

Ever want to see Raiden and Shao Kahn have a giant dance party together? Here’s your chance – FRIENDSHIP! (Mortal Kombat, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ritsuka666  +   1063d ago
Awn,Fucking irritating
Is anyone getting tired of Gangnam style?
ATi_Elite  +   1063d ago
Tired of Gangnam Style......NEVER!
it's my alarm clock music, i watch the video anytime im in a bad mood! I actually had it set as my Car Alarm siren for a while (ppl kept activating my alarm just to hear the music so i had to change it)

I do get tired of Gangnam Style parody videos and people who cant do the dam dance correctly!
eferreira  +   1063d ago
hahahaha that was funny. I love the kid in the jean jacket running from the entire crew.
Adrieono  +   1063d ago
I'm getting so tired of this dance. I hate when something becomes popular and the world overuses it.
sovietsoldier  +   1063d ago
that dance is a complete rip off of riding the bull.
strigoi814  +   1063d ago
I think guys that cant even dance hate this song so much...lolz
JohnApocalypse  +   1063d ago
I like that there's a zombie Liu Kang. I also like the thumbnail
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J86blum  +   1063d ago
Kano let himself go. Shame really. Why is it the males that can be seen are eh in appearence like alot of anti-depressants were taking for them to do this, while all the females look good.

Then again if I was doing this i'd want to be one of the ninjas just to really do stupid stuff.

I did lol when Scorp uppercutted Sub-Zero. for some reason I could see that being a legit taunt in the game.

Kitana and Jade <3
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