*NEW- Blaz-Blue Screens

An Update at Sl!ce gaming gets us the new screens on Blaz-Blue.

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lonestarmt3477d ago

nice! 2d Fighting but in high res!!

ErcsYou3477d ago

2008 is the return of the 2d, the new next gen... Blaz blue, Battle Fantasia, KOF12 and Do Donpachi: Daifu#katsu ...(Do Donpachi is the only one not in HD but its made by Cave so who cares.) Finally four good reasons to Start Building myself a PS3 Joystick or just buy a Arcade cabinet ..Thank you Japan, if it wasn't for you 2D would be dead

KidMakeshift3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Cave is behind some of the best Shmups out there. And from what I read, all their new sequels are suppose to be in HD.

Battle Fantasia came out last year by Arc. Still no word on a console port

FamilyGuy3476d ago

This game looks a lot like Guilty Gears to me, but that's a good thing since it's a great game.

Mercutio3477d ago

So I guess it is to some extent.

lodossrage3477d ago

And that isn't a bad thing at all!!!

This looks like it will improve on the Guilty Gear notion of being the best 2d fighter ever.

Don't get me wrong, Battle Fantasia looks great too. But this Blaz Blue is just off the charts extreme.

Not to mention King of Fighters 12 is coming along. Whoever said 2d fighters would vanish was SADLY mistaken

MK_Red3477d ago

Agreed with all your points. It looks too much like Guilty Gear but that's definitly not a bad thing.

And the 2D fighters are indeed making a grand come back.

Euphrate3477d ago

My MAD polar bear mind can't handle the awesomeness!

SUP3R3477d ago

The article says IF it comes to EU/US
But that doesn't matter lol.
The PS3 is region free so import FTW!
This game is going to be my first import ever.

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