Halo 4 Sells Over 3 Million Units Opening Day

Halo 4 has set a franchise record for biggest opening day. The game sold 3.1 million units according to VGChartz estimates. The majority of the sales were in the USA which sold 1.9 million units or 60 percent of the total sales. To compare, this is an increase of about 15 percent over Halo 3 and Halo: Reach day one sales.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

problem with the industry is if MS made something new and innovative it will sell 1/10 of halo. Sequels are all that is needed I guess always and forever.

Guess this is why few platform get something new like this.
But that's just my opinion.

sequels win again. Up next Black ops 2.
and halo 5.

EVILDEAD3601896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Been calling this record day for H4 all year, especially after the unveiling at E3.But, we will see if the game truly achieved the status set by it's predecessors when the real numbers are announced by MS.

This isn't some phoned-in play-by-the numbers sequel.

Microsoft went all in, put together what can be arguably stated as the best team ever assembled.

They gave them the resources and 343 delivered in ways that are unimaginable.

Halo is and has been the Star wars of gaming. People don't get it on the internet, but hen you show up at any midnight opening it's clear how passionate the fans are.

No hardcore exclusive game outside of Call of Duty gets this kind of love from the masses.

Again, 3 years of passion put into this title, 3 million day one...well deserved...worth every cent.



'sequels win again. Up next Black ops 2.
and halo 5'

We all knew Halo 5 was coming..this is a new Trilogy.

Every system develops sequels to it's biggest franchises period. It's not just some anomally that started yesterday or even the last two gens.

Just like the movie industy, the gaming industry follows the same model. If you have a huge hit, then give the fans more of what they want.


antz11041896d ago

Because its a new iteration in a longstanding series shouldn't detract from the praise its getting. Seriously a great game, and it deserves to sell that much.

Temporary1896d ago

Im loving the game so far.

Im not fond of whacking off to ANYTHING microsoft like Evildead up there, but i agree that more of the same in this case isnt so bad.

Congrats to 343.

th3n00bg4m3r1896d ago

It's because of the name they got from the first game they perfected. Modern Warfare 3 is a good example. The original Modern Warfare was an amazing game for it's time, many gamers bought it because the developers perfected it. But now they just need to put the title Modern Warfare and done. Also commercial success plays a big role.

guitarded771896d ago

343 deserves the praise. Really brilliant. Congrats to 343.

EVILDEAD3601896d ago

@ Temporary

'Im not fond of whacking off to ANYTHING microsoft like Evildead up there, but i agree that more of the same in this case isnt so bad.'

GTFOH...So praising Halo 4 and congratulating 343 equals '[email protected] off to ANYTHING Micrsoft??

Not even close..

Yup..just it figures another spanking new 'account' made a week ago to do what these accounts always do.

But, I love how you can say something positive about a game and the closet haters prove it's eating them alive.

Once again..I just simply keep it real on this site.

343 put in amazing work for 3 years and the results prove that hard work pays off.


nukeitall1896d ago

Haters will hate, but I will enjoy Halo 4, then likely Halo 5 and then again Halo 6.

I have no issues with sequels, only crappy games.

darthv721896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

has been an ever increasing series since the first release. As it pertains to the number of units sold, each version has continued to outsell the previous one.

Because the games had been outselling the previous ones I am likely to think the series is picking up new player that did not play the previous one. It would obviously still retain the original gamers who played from the beginning but sometimes curiosity gets to people and they jump in where they see fit.

There are few game franchises to have a continued growth from release to release. While this is only the first few days of halo 4 sales I would likely imagine it will meet or exceed those number set by Halo 3.

Just for a comparative, lets look at another high profile franchise. GT on the playstation. The first game sold really well. The second did not surpass the first but the 3rd, however, did.

The 3rd was not only the 3rd in the series but it represented a new version as it was the first on the PS2. The 4th did not fare as well. So when we look at a popular franchise like GT we see and up down up down approach.

Looking at Halo we have seen nothing but continued growth from the 1st to the 3rd with each one outpacing the previous entry. Halo 4 may/not exceed 3 but it would more likely that it will because it isnt just a continuation but a start of an entirely new trilogy.

AWBrawler1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

that game looks sorry as hell. fake turok.

Urusernamesucks1896d ago

Actually ms released fez. It didn't get much attention but its pretty well liked for an indiegame. People don't realize that some of the greatest video games started out as indie games.(i.e: Minecraft

But im not suprised a game like primal carnage got a bad feedback. To be honest its nothing near original. Its just too obvious

4Sh0w1896d ago

We don't need something new just for the sake of being new. I don't see anything innovative about that Carnage game vid you link to, actually game didn't look great with that ugly flamethrower and generic gameplay.

I'm all about new experiences but there is plenty of room for sequels as long as they continue to advance the franchise= are great games, what we need is new IP's that actually deliver something innovative, not gimmicky and stands on its own as a great game with great characters, great gameplay, and a great story, when a game does this it will start its own fame, I know it may take awhile not all great games will take off immediately but if devs stay true to their vision but make the right improvements maybe the 2nd or 3rd sequel will be the game that sets the world on fire, either way no 1 person can decide what direction the industry should go, rightfully videogames are made because that's what gamers want.

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Ryan_Hay1896d ago

These are only Vgchartz estimates.Not real numbers

Knight_Crawler1896d ago

VChartz always under track numbers so this is agood thing :)

StrawberryDiesel4201896d ago

Halo fans pretty much live in their parent's basement so I expect nothing less here. THey have no social lives and they work solely to play games. They have no friends except their "online Halo Buddies" so this is all they do all day, work at some shit job just so they can support their halo habit in their parent's basement dreaming of a girlfriend or wife they will never have. But they will always have good ol Halo and Master Chief to keep them company.

otherZinc1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

It would've sold more if it weren't for the most unfortunate disaster of Super Storm Sandy hitting the Eastern portion of the United States. Now they've been hit with a Snow Storm.

Well good luck to them.

On a lighter note:
For the rest of us, Halo 4 is fantastic! Hope the East coast recovers fast.

Also, there are several reviewers that should be ashamed of themselves in the rating of this game. 343 put the Kitchen Sink in Halo 4, & it shows!

greenpowerz1896d ago

I also feared the election effecting halo sales and the halo launch effecting the election(not much effect obviously, either way).

Sandy could have effected millions of sales as people try to get their lives back together in the most populist region in NA.

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Sizzon1897d ago

Just goes to show how big Halo really is. That is huge! :o :)

congrats to both 343i and microsoft, still need to get Halo 4, but money is tight :<

DiRtY1896d ago

well deserved. Probably the best shooter I have ever played.

bozebo1896d ago

Have you played Planetside 2?

Psychonaughty1896d ago

That's just a mp game, not worthy of comparison really.

Captain Qwark 91896d ago

agreed, it really is the total package. engaging sp, awesome mp and some sweet co-op. if it still had dual wielding and firefight i think it would be damn near impossible to beat and perhaps a few more maps but those will be coming

9.5/10 for me

cl19831896d ago

I agree with the idea of having both firefight local, and spartan ops online.

DizzyDino1896d ago

Not even close. I beat it on easy in 2 hours and 38 minutes. It was a great game but really short. Before others cry about it being on easy, I play ALL of my games on PS3 and Xbox 360 on easy. I only play games for the story. I rarely play mp.

SlavisH21896d ago

i call b.s. even though you said easy. I still call b.s.! why complain about a game being short then play it on easy? seems... whats the word... dumb!

DizzyDino1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I loved the game. Awesome graphics. Like I said I only play games for the story. NOT for trophies or achievements.

DizzyDino1896d ago

You blocked and ignored me because I showed you proof? I admit I'm a Ps3 Fanboy, but when I played this game, I thought I was playing on my PS3. It was that beautiful. I just said it was short.

NYC_Gamer1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Halo= beast that prints profit