10 lies video games tell us about racing

GamesRadar - Last week we dug our brains into the fictional representation of outer space in video gaming, and this week we're bringing things back down to terra firma with a look at how video games stretch the truth about cars and racing.

As is usually the case, these aren't necessarily bad things. Game designers love to "correct" reality in order to make it fun. We're just trying to set the record straight. Like a road. A straight road.

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GamerSciz1898d ago

Not a bad read had it not been 12 separate pages. Also, 95% of racing games don't claim to be "real" so it's understandable that they don't look or feel like it.

USMC_POLICE1898d ago

Speak for yourself im very good at gran turismo and forza as well as need for speed and dirt. In fact i beat them on the hardest mode possible if they have difficulty levels.

SilentNegotiator1898d ago

Drifting gives you a speed boost. lol

shivvy241898d ago

Sometimes its the unrealistic racing games that are fun , look at Jak X , mariokart etc