Uncharted: Fight For Fortune is "Casino/Card" Game

IGN - More information has emerged about Uncharted: Fight For Fortune. Thanks to NeoGAF user videtonator, we now know that the game has been rated elsewhere, namely in Brazil. And the Brazilian listing teaches us a bit more about the nature of Fight For Fortune.

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jyouri1962d ago

I'm still waiting for the triple AAA games Sony promised for the vita. Not some casino/card game

MaxXAttaxX1962d ago

You've been saying that...

The Vita has arguably the strongest handheld launch line up. The fact that you chose to ignore all other games is a different subject.

dafegamer1962d ago

have you played gravity rush already? Highly recommended to you

Blankman851962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I don't care what you say about Halo, Gears or Forza, even though there are alot of them this gen, they have at least stuck more or less to their genre of origin. This is just milking of a franchise. A freaking Uncharted card game? Are you kidding me?
Heck even Call of Duty, as popular as it is, Activision has not gone out and made a CoD singing game.

r211962d ago

Dude, calm your fanboy pants down. No one mentioned any of those games in here :L Im an Uncharted fan and i gotta say if this new uncharted game IS a card game then I will be very disappointed in Sony. Its a cinematic action adventure series, not a freaking card game!

dafegamer1962d ago

well if the card game is done well then it could be very addictive

KentBlake1962d ago

Yeah, because a Casino/Card game is exactly what the Uncharted fans like myself have been clamoring for.

jay21962d ago

:( what have they done to you Nate :(.