Sega classic Burning Rangers set to make next-gen return?

Released in 1998 and towards the end of the Saturn's life-span, Burning Rangers put you in the shoes of Chris Partn, Lead Pheonix, Shou Amabane, Big Landman and who could forget the lovely Tillis.

Burning Rangers looks set to return this year with an unveiling rumoured for E3'08. Platforms are still speculative at this point but PS3, Xbox 360 and perhaps a Wii version are all a possibility.

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DarkSniper3716d ago

Burning Rangers was an excellent underrated gem on an underrated system in the Sega Saturn. The concept was unique for it's time and Dark Sniper wouldnt mind going back and playing this stunning game once again.

More than likely Sega will release this game only on PLAYSTATION® 3 due to it's superior hardware functions. Japanese developers question the purpose of developing a system for a failing console such as XBOX 360. And if anyone knows the symptoms of a console on it's downfall, it's Sega.


Bleem3603716d ago

counter productive on Sega's part though. The majority of Sega 'die hards' now follow the Xbox path. Mostly due to the fact that Sega released a few popular titles early in the original Xbox's life - Panzer Dragoon & Jet Set radio spring to mind. Certainly most folks who used to own the Mega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast now own one of Microsoft's consoles.

Skerj3716d ago

Don't you lie to meeeeeee!! I LOVE that game, but with Sega's recent craptacular treatment of their franchises. ..I'm not too sure this is a good thing.

DarkSniper3716d ago

Dark Sniper actually purchased an original XBOX once he found out Shenmue II would not be released on Dreamcast here in America. Unfortunately, XBOX's hardware was so shoddy, Dark Sniper went through 5 XBOX before he recieved a decent console.

If there is anyone who is counter productive, it would be the Microsoft Corporation. Although Dark Sniper was intensely unhappy by the number of defective XBOX consoles he went through. Even he can admit that on a homebrew standpoint, XBOX is the best console to run homebrew applications. Not to mention, you are entitled to using any size hard drive in your XBOX and the plethora of emulated games, linux and several other great things the XBOX was capable of.

XBOX 360 is a horrible piece of machinery that was not well thought out and it shows. Everything Dark Sniper has said about the original XBOX has these features missing. Not to mention, you can place more hard drive space in an original XBOX than an XBOX 360. How's that for taking a step backwards. 14 gigs of space doesnt cut it anymore in today's high definition era.

Once again, Sony has been consistent for over a decade in bringing quality hardware which intertwines with quality software. Just like Shinobi, and Nightshade before, Burning Rangers will more than likely see it's full potential realized on PLAYSTATION® 3.


Bleem3603716d ago

...this Dark Sniper you talk of?

Looking at your avatar, I thought it was yourself - but you seem to be talking in the third person?

AI at it's best perhaps?