Combat Canceled: God of War & Action Game Design

Eric Williams from Gamasutra writes:

"In this special Gamasutra column, former God of War lead combat/systems designer Eric Williams breaks down action game cancels - the ability to end one animation early by beginning another animation - with examples from leading action titles, including a look into frequently-asked questions about God of War's design."

"As he explains in his intro: "A lot of the questions I've been asked in the past regarding God of War have always swirled around some of the attacks Kratos has in his arsenal, namely the L1+ Button special moves. These questions usually stem from the inability to "cancel" these moves - thus rendering them useless, so to speak. Instead of just defending those moves, I am going to examine the entire concept of move canceling - from its early days in fighting games, to its cross-pollination with action adventure games."

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