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Watch Halo 4's Extended Legendary Ending Here

Can't be arsed to beat Halo 4 on Legendary? We don't blame you. Watch the extended ending here instead. In HD! (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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Blankman85  +   901d ago
Truth? I only beat the last halo 3 mission on legendary after playing the rest of the game on normal hehehe.
hennessey86  +   901d ago
I am enjoying
Playing on legendary, but damn is it hard
Kingdom Come  +   901d ago
I didn't find it that difficult, just pace yourself, despite the Halo franchise being somewhat run and gun, on Legendary difficulty, precision and cover are your best friends.
PhantomTommy  +   900d ago
The Plasma Pistol is the key to beating any Halo on legendary. It's by far the most useful weapon in the game.
GearSkiN  +   900d ago
crzyjackbauer  +   900d ago
so far im on mission 5 and its been a breeze on legendary
Reach was way harder that 4 imo
Deathdeliverer  +   901d ago
Just how freaking tall is MC?! He is walking around the place like a damn gundam compared to everyone else lol!
MadMen  +   901d ago
Spartans are 7ft (some can be 8ft)
Tokyo_reject  +   901d ago
Read The Fall of Reach....and if you dont like to read, download the Audio book. It explains pretty much EVERYTHING about the Spartans II, and the story is just an amazing look into how the Spartans II came to be. i dont like to read that much....but i couldnt put this book down. trust me ;)
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LAWSON72  +   900d ago
Master chief is 8ft tall
Kingdom Come  +   901d ago
The campaign was superb. 343 truly encapsulated Chief and Cortana's relationship and the events of this title have left me immensely intrigued as to how the story will progress in Halo 5. They took some huge risks with regards to story and gameplay, but man, they worked.
darkmonkey13x  +   901d ago
does his eyes turned black?? may be for ..... (that thing with The Librarian)??
tonnon311  +   898d ago
if you think about it hes been under that visor and armor for so long his skin would be pale and his eyes would darken
Cerberus29  +   900d ago
I was expecting more than an extra 2 seconds from the legendary ending... Still an amazing game though
GearSkiN  +   900d ago
This game have 2 kind of CGI dunno if u guys notice, heavy CGI on the beginning and that CGI is different, if u watch the heavy cgiz section were lasky and chief was talking, lasky looks different compare to spartan ops CGI.
Codeman420  +   900d ago
you know what would have been really cool is if you had a Kinect for the legendary video it would zoom in on your eyes since they have always said chief is "you". Be cool but would probably never work
ryanb21  +   895d ago
I love how 343 basically rescued the Halo name by doing what? Sticking to the story. Bungie never really bothered explaining who the MC himself is. Now people are realizing that the MC has/had to deal with much more in his life than just killing aliens. The MC, a spartan-II, was one of the few S-II's that didn't die and/or has not (yet) gone insane. No matter how bad things get for the MC he will do what he's always done as long as he can breathe....Spartans start to get jumpy from being away from war for too long... it's all they know.

Now that cortana is gone a few things could happen as a result: 1. Somehow cortana comes back. This one is obvious. The librarian could have made a copy of cortana while she had cortana and the MC. Maybe she sent herself into the digital world that the composer was a gateway to. There's still other ways cortana can come back.
2. IF cortana is gone for good... there's only one way 343 can make up for this. The MC finds ,runs into, w.e one or a few of the last remaining spartan-IIs like the MC that are still alive. The same s-II's that the MC grew up with on Reach (which bungie screwed up the story with in their game). I imagine, as the forerunners get harder to fight (and they will) the MC is going to need a little spartan-II help... or a lot. The MC has taken entire covenant ships with himself and just a few other spartan-IIs. The last few remaining s-IIs are about the only ones left who can truly relate to the MC. No spartan 3 or 4 can come close.

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