Playstation.Blog- God of War Recieves First Review Score

God of War: Chains of Olympus just received its first review score … 9 out of 10 and the Handheld Game of the Month Award.

To see the exclusive first review, check out the March issue of Game Informer Magazine - hitting newsstands soon.

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mighty_douche3686d ago

Wouldnt usually approve blogs but this isnt the same out flame bait opinions its actually a good review.

If your a PSP owner this is looking like a must have game.

XBOX 3603686d ago

Just preordered this game on amazon - got a $5 off preorder coupon from sony for amazon too. :D


Ghoul3686d ago


if you are a gamer this is a musthave game,
go and buy a psp for it

KratosKilla3686d ago

Hopefully the reviews start pouring in in the next few weeks.

PS360WII3686d ago

This will most likely be the standard review. The demo was superb and it's just like the console version.

KratosKilla3686d ago

Did anyone notice that silent hill origins review is filed under God of war. It messes up the Metascore

Regret3686d ago

I see Silent Hill: Origins in "More reviews" :S

TheMART3686d ago


I'll be playing God of War on my ceramic white PSP Slim soonish

mighty_douche3686d ago

Mart is often found in PSP threads, and he actually knows his stuff.

Just because he prefers the 360 over PS3 doesnt mean a thing, the PSP is the best handheld avaliable (for a real gamer).

felidae3686d ago

lol. TheMART and his ceramic white PSP.


ceedubya93686d ago

Never doubted this one for a second. You'd almost swear you were playing a PS2 game while playing this. It looks that good and plays that well. Could this possibly end up being the greatest handheld game ever created?

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The story is too old to be commented.