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Researcher Confirms Sony PlayStation 3 Remains Banned In China

Leading research firm Niko Partners has released its latest report on video games in China. The Chinese Games Industry Regulations and Policy Report, which is co-produced by Pilar Legal, addresses the challenges that remain for game companies exploring China. Lisa Cosmas Hanson, Managing Partner of Niko Partners, refutes the rumors that Sony is bringing PlayStation 3 to China in this exclusive interview. (PS3, Sony)

a_bro  +   526d ago
but hey, its okay to make a bootleg version of it in china and sell it...
Blankman85  +   526d ago
Yes, yes it is.
But not really, all video game consoles are banned in China, whether they are a high quality original (lol cause they too are made in China) or a new ps3 super slim. Even the knock offs are banned.
3-4-5  +   526d ago
If all game consoles are banned in china, then why is Nintendo releasing Limited Special edition 3DS XL's EXCLUSIVE to China ?

Is it because of the recent bad relations between Japanese citizens working in plants in China ?
wishingW3L  +   526d ago
@3-4-5 from the article:

"Consoles are banned in China and have been since the year 2000."

all consoles are banned in China but there are lots of PS3 games in Hong Kong and it even has its own PS Store too. So I think that console aren't banned in ALL CHINA.
3-4-5  +   526d ago
to wishing...thanks..wasn't sure really, I had heard about the 3DS's that is what I was looking for clarification.

China is withholding that many people from gaming ?

what a shame.
killerhog  +   526d ago
A lot of things are banned in china but their knock-offs remain untouched, yet companies outsource to them.
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hennessey86  +   526d ago
I feel lucky
That I live in a country that doesn't make decisions for me, long live democracy.
rezzah  +   526d ago
Too bad it is a true democracy.
wishingW3L  +   526d ago
isn't Hong Kong part of China? I remember lots of people buying the HK version of Demon's Souls because it had English subs....
Series_IIa  +   526d ago
Hong Kong is a city-state still under English Law since 1997 after the British handed back sovereignty to China, so its a part of China but doesn't have the same strict Commie laws.
GamerElite  +   526d ago
China is a messed up country. Overcrowded population, bunch of laws that are stupid. Glad I don't live there
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