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Top 10 Best RPGs of 2013

GR - "Best Role Playing Games 2013: If you thought RPGs released this year were good, wait till you see the RPGs of 2013." (PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Godmars290  +   716d ago
Every notable RPG that's coming out in other words.

Fail list in other words.
nrvalleytime  +   716d ago
I will say this happens every year with the "if you thought ___ was good, wait until ___" articles.

I'm still enjoying some great games from this year - let's bide our time wisely. :-)
Xof  +   715d ago
But that's not what makes it a "fail list."

It fails because it's judging unreleased titles, and is therefore nothing more than a cheap attempt to spread hype (behavior that, I believe, is at the root of nearly all of the problems gaming "journalism" is mired in).
Godmars290  +   715d ago
Funny. That's what I thought I said without having to say it. Didn't think it needed to be said.
cleft5  +   716d ago
I love the Mistborn series, I am really looking forward to seeing how the game uses Allomancy.
Getowned  +   715d ago
wait... Mistborn... Brandon Sandersons's Mistborn?!?!!... WHY DON'T I KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!!!... Brandon Sandersons my favourite author and I don't know about this.. lol woow... Damnn where the hell have I been, I love Mistborn, vary great books I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good read or any of Sandersons books.. Did you read The Way Of Kings yet? friggin epic, Kaladin is a beast!!! can't wait for Stormlight archive 2.

This is so epic!! lol .. yeah as you can see my hype O meter kinda broke...
metalpsips  +   716d ago
Divinity and Sacred 3 really hyped me!
Captain Qwark 9  +   716d ago
sacred 3 and dragon age 3 for me
Cirran  +   716d ago
Ugh...Only if DA3 is more like origins and actually gets back to its story roots. I WANNA KNOW WHATS HAPPENING WITH MORRIGANS EVIL BABY DAMMIT! I also want my warden back ;< And flemith...Needs lots more flemith.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   716d ago
agree with all that. if it remains like da2 they can blow me
Kokombads  +   715d ago
like i said. rpg isnt about graphics. its about the stroy and gameplay. even though the gameplay is years behind our generation, the fact that it is not repetitive will make the gamers play more. just like suikoden 2, it has a unique gameplay and story line which still for me, is far greater than final fantasy x
DA_SHREDDER  +   715d ago
Story, yes, gameplay? If it means going back to the turn based roots then im all for it. If not then I will continue to consider this gens rpg's as action games with rpg elements.
Oh_Yeah  +   715d ago
please no turn base,even pokemon would be better as an action rpg on consoles.the rpg genre has came a long way, and we have bethesda to thank for the awsomeness it has became.
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Irishguy95  +   715d ago
Your'e talking about Combat then? RPG's don't need to be turn based combat. They need to be RPG's though
DragonKnight  +   715d ago
Please YES turn-based. Are you kidding? The best RPG's ever made were turn-based. Action RPG's have become stale and generic lately. And Bethesda need to release a game with minimal bugs before they can be credited with anything but attempts at making great experiences. Unfinished games don't mean they are a great developer.
Oh_Yeah  +   714d ago
@dragonknight, bugs are irrelevant when talking about bethesda, look at the sheer size and content of their games. Theyre THEE biggest games and are far from unplayable. It would take then a looong time to sort every bug because their games arnt as scripted as most games. And how arnt turn base games stale...scroll down list of attacks and hit x. Oh how fun. Explore linear spaces...oh how fun..play game one way,choices dont effect outcomes .. No man, just no. They are horrible compared to todays rpgs. If you want them im sure theres many you missed on older systems where they should stay.
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DragonKnight  +   714d ago
Bugs are irrelevant? You just sounded like those people who award Bethesda for making attempts. Bugs are COMPLETELY relevant. What use is the scope of the game if most of your experience with it is bug riddled? They don't get a pass just for sheer size. If they can't make a large game with minimal bugs, then they either suck as programmers (most likely since they are known as Bugthesda) or need to scale back their games and consider turn-based RPG's.

Action RPGs are completely stale now. They are all the same except for a few like Demon's/Dark Souls. Turn-based RPG's haven't been done in awhile for the most part, allow for a more strategic form of play, and also allow for a more thorough experience with the game play since you're taking your time rather than trying to mash your way through battle after battle. Action RPGs are degenerating into standard action games with RPG elements. I'm looking at you Mass Effect.
Oh_Yeah  +   714d ago
Alright, im gonna take a hunch and say you havnt played fallout or elder scrolls this gen and are just going off what some of the over dramatic people say. Seriously man, ive never encountered even close to game breaking or experience ruining bugs. demon/dark souls is amazing also ill give you that. as for the rest of your opinion i guess..we find different things good..bethesda creates worlds with paths, with many options..where as final fantasy esque games create a path within a world, with limited options. Idk i respect your opinion and all but ive played enough turn base rpgs to know that imo the genre is better today. And strategy isnt needed in turn base really..just grind to get your level up and your a beast. A game like skyrim...you can play stealthy, magic, two handed, bear hands, all the above and more whenever you want really ...throw it on master difficulty from the start and youll get creative and strategic.
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Pilda  +   715d ago
Some of the games look really wonderful. I am still waiting, with tears in eyes for Wizardry 9. It would be the best gift for me! As well as Wizards and Warriors 2.
jakethesnake  +   715d ago
Sacred 3? I had no idea that it was even in development. That is pretty awesome and I really look forward to it. Hope it doesn't disappoint.
YourFlyness  +   715d ago
Is Suikoden 6, Breath of Fire 6, Mega Man Legends 3 (yea right), Mega Man Command Missions 2 on that list, or should I not bother clicking the link?
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Chard  +   715d ago
We're still in 2012 and already nobody's realistically expecting to be able to play Versus XIII in 2013...
R6ex  +   715d ago
Dragon Age 3!

I love DA2.

Can't wait.
Roccetarius  +   715d ago
Some of those games are a shadow of their former selves. I'm not hopeful at all.
rataranian  +   715d ago
I didnt see Corpse Party Book of Shadows.
TooTall19  +   715d ago
Looking forward to Ni No Kuni and Wasteland 2.
kevnb  +   715d ago
final fantasy 14 failed because it was not fun in any way, not because it was not original.
shame cd projekt red's new game will crush anything on the list for 2013 or maybe just 2014 future list.
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DragonKnight  +   715d ago
Lightning Returns is on the list. Auto-Fail.
Omnislash  +   714d ago
LOL it is? I was about to give that site a hit too...

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