Is 2008 the Year of the PlayStation 3?

MSNBC writes:

"While the beleaguered PlayStation 3 still faces an uphill battle, Sony believes the console is spring-loaded for a turnaround.

Why? The success of Blu-ray, an upcoming slate of much-needed exclusive games and new numbers from the NPD Group showing that the console bested Microsoft's Xbox 360 for the first time in January."

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niall773808d ago

outsold the 360 in america
Blu Ray won the HD format war
and got a good mutliplat game from EA (burnout)

Id say its shaping up to be one heck of a year for the PS3

Xeikon3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

The 360 outnumbers the PS3 3 to 1 in the US.
The HD war is not yet over.
The PS3 got a good multiplatform title from developer and middleware company Criterion.

SurferDude3808d ago

You have to be blind to think it isnt, or just a fanboy.
The 360 last month got outsold by the ps3 worldwide by about 250,000 units.
The ps3 has way better games coming out.
They have the next movie format BUILT IN

This year and next year and the year after that are the years of the ps3.

season0073808d ago

The HD War is not over and there is one AGREE...

Hooray for crazy fanboy(singular)!

deeznuts3808d ago

As long as it stays close in the US, PS3 is doing good. They are outselling the 360 basically everywhere else. But even in the US I believe 360 will saturate their market, giving the PS3 a chance.

MikeGdaGod3808d ago

Xeikon i wasn't sure about you. but with that post i found out all i need to know.

Dudeson423808d ago

I finally took the plunge...

I bought a PS3 last night to go along with my 360 and Wii, and every other console of the last three generations... =)

ADD ME!!!!

DeltaP42, I need some people to play games with!!!

zane_78493808d ago

Let's see Xeikon + ignore button = better world. Enjoy the tool-shed!

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iMad3808d ago

This story tells us what PS3 will not success its hype in 2008 mainly because people think PS3 is a cheap BR player and will not buy software. Plus GFX capabilities of PS3 is lower so it will always loose is GFX to XBOX 360 exclusives coming in 2008.

mintaro3808d ago

how many articles about this has there been this year?

kewlkat0073808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

a "Is 2008 Ps3's year" article...look for one last week then you know everyone will be repeating the same BS. As with the numbers articles.

I think I answered this question like 2 weeks ago, well look at here, it's only FEB 2008, not much have changed.

InMyOpinion3808d ago

The answer to all these BS articles is easy, "We'll have to wait and see.". Won't we?

Same goes for that Halo killer article about Resistance 2, Killzone 2 and RB 6: Vegas 2. Wait and see.

SurferDude3808d ago Show
kewlkat0073808d ago

calm down bro, it' s only a piece of plastic.

Always amusing, this site.

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DADO3808d ago

By the end of the year the PS3 will be outselling the Wii!! Enough said.

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pwnsause3808d ago

oh snap!!!! Teh Mod God Gods shot lightning all up ur a##, anyway, lets just wait and see if the crazyiness for the wii is over.

SUP3R3808d ago

I don't don't think I've ever seen that much deletes in one shot since I've joined this site.

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jams_shop3808d ago

it has been since January 1st