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From the Review:

"The relationship between Cortana and Master Chief deserves some special attention because for all the gravitas and effort put into cementing the weirdest love story just north of Lars and the Real Girl, I couldn't take it seriously. It's as if Halo 4 is the galactic parable of someone marrying an anime girl body pillow. Or that guy that runs his fingers along the hood of his car like it will shudder some kind of response to his loving touch. And that's the lens through which I viewed the entirety of the game. Master Chief exhibits some real emotion with Cortana, but c'mon, she's a computer AI."

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green1931d ago

From the review

The Good:
- Looks phenomenal
- The "backpack" power-ups are cool, especially the jet pack
- Instantly playable for anyone with previous Halo experience
- Moments of bad-assery
- Multiplayer (so far) and Spartan Ops
- More Halo for Halo fans

The Bad:
- Hard time buying the Master Chief/Cortana love story
- Weapon variety is basically about the looks
- "You are required to maneuver straight down this trench..."
- A Halo game without the familiar theme is like Superman without John Williams

Blaze9291931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

"Master Chief exhibits some real emotion with Cortana, but c'mon, she's a computer AI."

I wasn't going to comment on this, and make this submission temperature rise but this is just fucking stupid. Either this reviewer never played halo or he clearly doesn't get it.

Of course MC would exhibit emotions for Cortana - as a player, Cortana has been by our side for over 10 years. It's not even about showing love for an A.I. - it's showing love for a CHARACTER that's been in the series since the beginning to which the player, WOULD understand why it's so emotional.

I think we all obviously know Halo 4 is nothing less than a 7. Another lower than that and you are really just trolling.

I don't care what you say, you cannot justify a 5.5/10 score with this game.

JJRivers1931d ago

Wait, wait, wait. So what you're saying is that you have an emotional attachment to Cortana? Love?

aviator1891931d ago


The point is, and I mean no disrespect, but I don't think you fully understand the chief's and cortana's relationship intricacies and why it's transformed into what it is in Halo 4.

lastofgen1931d ago


so players can't have emotional attachments to in-game characters?? if something emotional happens in a game, you can't expect everyone to have a stiff reaction.

JJRivers1931d ago

lastofgen, I'ver been reading the writer's reviews of the Walking Dead series, seems that he could be emotionally involved with some of those characters. And by emotionally involved, I mean that "the game characters and story evoke emotion in the player." Not on the level, "I think I'm in love with Cortana. For real."

Irishguy951931d ago

This might come as a shock but Cortana is essentially a human without a body. Some emotional attachment to what has become a close friend and ally would be expected

Old McGroin1931d ago

Anyone who thinks it might be a little weird for Master Chief to have an emotional attachment to Cortana should read this story, a woman's been married to the Berlin Wall for nearly 30 years for crying out loud!

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aviator1891931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Even though I don't agree with the negatives, I respect the reviewer's opinion, but are those negatives really considerable enough to drop the score down to a low 5.5?? It's as if some of these reviewers acknowledge all the great and more positives, but do so while almost completely weighing the game with the less quantified and less game-changing negatives..

And I think the relationship between the chief and cortana makes sense if you played through the previous halo games, considering the type of bond and experiences both of these characters share. And cortana's death cycle is only making it worse on both of them.

I, whatever.

cleft51931d ago

Reviews like this is why you can't trust game reviewers. It's a shame too because when I saw the 7s and 8s AC3 was getting I didn't believe them, but after beating the game with a full 100% synch for the main story, I agree with the 7s and 8s reviews.

Oh well, it's better to play a game and find out for yourself than to blindly believe reviewers anyways. Either the major game reviewers are being deceptive because of ad revenue or want for clicks. Or the smaller game reviewers are just looking to expand their site by kissing ass or being controversial. I wish desperately for the old days when Gamespot was credible and reading Reviews with scores meant something.

Dlacy13g1931d ago

Based off the positives / negatives of this reviewer I would have guessed a 7/10...possibly 8/10. 5.5? The reviewer gives no justification for going that low. The only justification I can see... site hits and haters hate.

ALLWRONG1931d ago

Giving low scores is the only way these sites can get hits. Many of these sites no one has heard of or they just pop up overnight. Some you can actually tell they didn't play the game, and are using other reviews to base their reviews. They see the attention EGM got, and they desperately want some of that attention. Most of these sites don't even generate enough traffic to make it on Metacritic, only N4G.

Haters hate.

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