Push-Start Game Review: Forza Horizon

James Steel writes -

'Forza Horizon is a genre-defining racing game of this generation. Stretching the goal of approachability even further from previous entries, throwing in an open world full of events, collectables and fun. Complete with decent multiplayer offerings, there’s not a whole lot of bad things to say about the game. Horizon lets you go where you want, when you want, and with whom you want.'

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mcstorm2054d ago

Good review of the game and this is a game every car fan should own. IMO this is the best Racing game this year and maybe this gen as it is different to every other racing/sim game ive played this gen but dose not break from the sim parts of Forza we all enjoy.

Blankman852054d ago

Racing game of the year to complete the racing franchise of the generation.

ALICE6662054d ago

Coming from a TDU1&2 player which I have played non stop since release, I have to say I was disappointed in the lack of map size of horizon and things to do in the game. Still did enjoy it for a good few hours though and glad its getting good reviews. We need more open world car games and I hope they will spark a Horizon2 or even better.. a TDU3!