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Will You Buy A Wii U?

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The Wii U has generated discussion since it was revealed. The concepts behind the system and the subsequent games have all been the target of questioning and debate. With the price tag now officially revealed we asked ourselves if we would be picking up Nintendo’s newest system. Does the price point scare away fresh investment so late in this generation? Do ports of games appeal? Everyone had their own reasons for their answers'' (Nintendo, Wii U)

1upgamer99  +   622d ago
"I can't justify paying the current price point" Really? It has how much more memory,much newer tech in terms of a processor and a gamepad for $30 more than the PS3 slim, also Wii U supports all hard drives, unlike Microsoft which you have to have a Microsoft HD. Whatever dude your loss. The Wii U is not much more than a current gen system that is almost 7 years old.
ThePsychoGamer  +   621d ago
Not everybody buys consoles purely for specs. Most people will look at the games, then make a decision based off how much pull the system's exclusive has over them and what systems they currently have then decided if the system is worth the price of admission at this time for them. Personally I have decided that the WiiU currently doesn't offer enough that interest me to warrant a purchase.
1upgamer99  +   621d ago
Zombi U, is enough for me. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Bayonetta are on the way.
Neonridr  +   622d ago
You can bet your bottom dollar I am getting one. Already on preorder and I cannot wait for the 18th.
xflo360  +   621d ago
already pre-ordered a premium with zombie u also getting assassins 3, lego city and maybe mario! hurry up 30th!
corrus  +   621d ago
What stupid question you buy WII U to have fun
Linko64  +   621d ago
The irony of your comment is delicious.
N6  +   621d ago
Yes, got deluxe preordered along with 4 more games.

Whoever complains about the price, you can wait a yr for a $50 cut - which I'm guessing Nintendo gave themselves some room (despite Nintendo taking a reported "loss") before the next MS & Sony consoles release. $249 basic white U and $299 deluxe sounds about right, & I'd guess the next MS & Sony consoles will launch at $399 minimum.
MNGamer-N  +   621d ago
Yes sir I am. And parted happily with my money, seeing as it will provide me with many many many hours of gaming and entertainment. Dollar for dollar, gaming provides the best value, and I get more out of it for my money than any other form of entertainment. And it's Nintendo's turn.
live2play  +   621d ago
its already bought!

i just need to wait for gamestop to give it to me
sal77  +   621d ago
just paid it off at gamestop and played the rayman demo
mi_titan27  +   621d ago
I cant wait for my Wii U to show up, i wish gamestop would give it some love and open at midnight!
NYC_Gamer  +   621d ago
I'll buy one soon as some exclusives launch that catch my attention
bigfish  +   621d ago
yeh i'll buy one...... No wait i've got a PS3 and some big hitters are coming out later this year.... actually iv'e changed my mind, i'll get one b'cos getting new hardware excites me and i'm curious to how the Wii U will work,,,,, actually bad idea, its does cost quite a bit and there's no games that really excite me right now, so i'll wait a couple months,,,,,,, nah, i'll take the plunge now as it saves me getting it later,,,, no i'll hold out and see what games Nintendo has planned for it, i'll get it if Metroid 4 is announced,,,,,,, What the hell!! i'll pre order it now, it's only one click away and its inevitable the Nintys big hitters are going to be made for it,,,,, **is literally about to click on the pre-order icon** - actually i won't order it yet, what if it goes the same route the Wii went once the ps4 comes out??........ ARRRRRRGH - Help me I don't know what to do!!!!!!!
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xflo360  +   621d ago
you only live once! if you can afford it then go for it.

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