Another Street Fighter IV Trailer

In this new trailer we see Chun Li fight against Crimson Viper. Enjoy.

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3720d ago
akumous3720d ago

I am really impressed now, I wasn't before but now I am..I still think they should remodeled ken's and ryu's faces but the rest of the cast looks excellent. I changed my mind, I will be getting this game the day it lunch.

TheHater3720d ago

Oh my got. Both video was amazing. I cannot wait for this game. Oh and Why do Blanka sound like a fricken Panther?

Rusted3720d ago

Looks cool but, the old characters have the same movements... i don´t understand why Capcom didn't redesign some special moves and clothes for the veteran fighters, maybe it's not a big deal but with that stuff the game looks kinda old.

kingOVsticks3719d ago

crimson is pretty sweet but abel is really meh

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