No More Heroes Does OK In America (Probably Better In Europe)

Marvellous Interactive have published some worldwide shipping/sales figures for Suda's No More Heroes. In Japan, homeland of all parties involved? It's done terribly. Only 40,000 copies have shipped since launch. Ouch. How about America, then? Little better: they've shipped around 200,000 copies, and have sold just over 100,000 since launch. Not bad! Finally, however, they announce some European numbers. And while the game's not even out there yet (it's shipping late Feb/early March across all PAL territories), they're expecting to sell 160,000 units across the continent at launch. Could something finally be coming up roses for Suda? Let's hope so!

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Night4ll3834d ago

That some people are taking notice of this game... it is a really good game that any Wii owners craving mature themed games should play. There is just so much style and creativity in the game... lets hope that Suda does come out with a sequel like he wants to. I just hoppe that they work on the sandbox part of the game...

MK_Red3834d ago

Glad to hear it didn't bomb at least but sad to see some crappy titles on Wii outselling this gem.

Reggie Fils- Aime3834d ago

no title on the Wii is crappy

the innovative controls mean that every game is joy to play

toaboa3834d ago

>no title on the Wii is crappy
>the innovative controls mean that every game is joy to play

Ahh, ROFL, best laugh of the day :-D - thanks man!

wiizy3834d ago

good to know that the game is selling well with no commercial or advertisement.

PS360WII3834d ago

Awesome game and glad they are happy with the sales :)

Reggie Fils- Aime3834d ago

DOES OK?????

no son- its known by all members of the gaming community to be one of the best games of all time

better than FF7 even

its an instant classic along with Ninjabread man 2

INehalemEXI3834d ago

Its a great game, Only FF8 and 6 can touch FF7, and thats just because they are in chronological order.

darkside3834d ago

can i get two of what ever you are smoking? Whatever you have must be off the hook!!

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