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Best Buy Black Friday Ad 2012 - Gaming Deals and More!

From AnalogHype.com: "Black Friday is fast approaching, and for gamers, it is the most wonderful time of the year. This year will be no different, as Best Buy is coming to the table with a massive amount of gaming deals that should keep everyone happy for a long time." (3DS, Black Friday, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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blackboyunltd  +   848d ago
Gets in line for Best Buy from now
dazzrazz   848d ago | Bad language | show
DarthJay  +   848d ago
You know, Dead Island GOTY for 8 bucks is a really good price. I really enjoyed that game.
DrDeath  +   848d ago
ill be getting AC3 thats an awesome deal glad i didnt buy it already. Im assuming the PS3 price will be the same? doesnt matter i have xbox to but i prefer my ps3. especially since xbox is 4GB :(
DarthJay  +   848d ago
Yeah they are the same price. PS3 is the lead platform for Assassin's Creed III, too, so it's probably the better buy of the two if you are into playing both equally.
nevin1  +   848d ago
Based on Best Buy's deals, I expect better from Target/Walmart this year.
GamerElite  +   848d ago
Doubt it. Judging from last year. BB had the best deals. Wal mart had some crappy ones
SolidDuck  +   848d ago
That's a pretty good vita deal. I'm hoping to find an even better deal, but I'm for sure picking one up on Black Friday.
rpd123  +   848d ago
Ooh I'm gonna get the PS3 holiday bundle.
nevin1  +   848d ago
no MGO?
MasterD919  +   848d ago
Horizon for $35...sold!
tubers  +   848d ago
200 bucks for VITA black ops declassified bundle?

Can I trade in the black ops game for a good amount of in store credit?
rpd123  +   848d ago
They give you a digital download with the bundle so no. That might actually why they did it.
tubers  +   847d ago
Yuck! Thank you btw :)
Simon_Brezhnev  +   848d ago
I knew i should had waited to get AC3.
Assass1nN1nja  +   848d ago
I'm glad I pre-ordered AC3. I'm already rank 50 and working on my 1st prestige in multiplayer. I'll have the campaign finished by then and I'll be waiting on the Season Pass dlc for it. You still have to pay $30 for the pass and plus they will release the dlc packs for the pre order bonus missions and characters. Nice deal for anyone who doesn't already have the game though. I rather not wait outside in lines and in the cold to just save $25.
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DivineAssault  +   848d ago
i guess that is when ill get AC3 & Borderlands 2.. I knew those, darksiders 2, & NFS would be around $30 if i waited a bit longer.. That COD vita bundle is a decent deal

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