You Can Create Your Own Challenges for New Super Mario Bros. U

GenGAME writes: "We already knew that New Super Mario Bros. U will offer players some degree of control over the game’s various extra modes, such as the ability to place coins in Coin Battle mode, but we didn’t know that the game’s Challenge Mode would allow players to create their own challenge rules and share them with others via Miiverse!"

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Neonridr1989d ago

Pretty awesome feature. Looking forward to playing this game on launch day.

millzy1021989d ago

was honing to miss this title at first for launch as I'm getting zombiu bo2 and Nintendo land but after reading this I'm more intrested in Mario now than Nintendo land so prob pick this up instead. Ive ordered black zombiu sku and can't wait.

RFornillos41989d ago

it's all making sense now... How U will play next!