The Evolution of Assassin’s Creed

GI writes: The Assassin’s Creed series holds a special place in my heart. On Black Friday of 2007 I spent months’ worth of hard-earned money on a PlayStation 3, but was too poor to buy a game. Weeks later I had finally saved up the sixty dollars to purchase a game but couldn’t decide what my first choice would be. Would it be Modern Warfare 4? Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune? Ratchet and Clank? After what seemed like forever I finally decided on Assassin’s Creed. It was the first game I bought for my PlayStation 3 and, consequently, was my introduction into the current generation of games.

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Grimhammer001633d ago

Evolution? Ac1-good but boring
Ac2.5 rehash but good
Ac2.9 too much....get on with it Ubi!
Ac3-fail on multiple levels, horrid ending and glitchy. But damn the forest looks great and mp is perfected!

cleft51633d ago

I agree completely. AC3 failed in so many places and the ending wasn't even the worse part. I would also point out that the Naval Battles where amazing. If AC3 was pure Naval Battles I would not have been displeased.

I would describe AC3 as the worst great game you will play. Sounds like a contradiction unless and until you play the full game. I am one of those people that had to 100% synch the main story, just because, and that nearly made me hate the game. Yet, in spite of it all, I really like AC3 but it far from a perfect game or even a 9 out of 10.

BushLitter1633d ago

Can't agree more with the bit about the Truth Puzzles. Definitely my favourite part of both AC2 and Brotherhood, was distraught when it was removed from Revelations. Not sure why they would have done that, it was completely optional and did not hamper progress in any way.

flightdown1631d ago

AC3 was a disappointment.

I was thinking why this was the case and it comes down to poor character development and wasted opportunities and a few gameplay glaring errors.

It does some stuff very well like the animations and naval battles though and combat is slightly improved.

However, there are no real "stealthy" levels apart from one naval fort. And no real climbing levels like the ones in AC2 and AC Brotherhood where you explored all those amazing historical landmarks. Thats another thing: the cities are not as awe inspiring as the last games. And this is worsened still by the severe lack of free roaming music. Jesper Kyd's absence is sorely missed. Lorne Balfe is a film composer and does cinematic scenes well but he doesn't seem to understand the need for background music like Kyd did.

No puzzles. And the modern story feels rushed and sloppy. When Desmond goes into Asbtergo and finds Cross etc... it doesn't feel epic like it should. It feels mundane. Shame.

Connor doesn't evolve in any way as a protagonist. I felt for Altair and Ezio but Connor never struck me in a similar way. Haytham and Achilles are interesting but underused and their backstories are never explored.

Personally the end didn't bother me. It could have been executed better but the content didn't bother me much.

I love Assassins creed. AC2 was amazing. And I loved how Ezio and Altairs story ended in Revelations. It was moving.

I was never moved in AC3. Not once.

I hope they do better next generation.