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Media Create hardware sales (10/29 - 11/4)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan. (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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beerkeg  +   532d ago
3ds is killing the competition.
eagle21  +   531d ago
Slaying. :0
CommonSenseGamer  +   532d ago
Sub 5k (is that correct?) sales for Vita with so many big releases last week!?! What was released on the 3DS as those are great numbers!
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aceitman  +   532d ago
There wasn't much released for the vita in Japan.
ronin4life  +   532d ago
I don't remember what released.this last week but I know what releases tomorrow in Japan;

Animal crossing. Expect to see another decent sales spike for the 3ds.
ronin4life  +   532d ago
Ok, looked it up; world soccer winning eleven released on the 3ds. That could explain the bump there.

Doesn't look like there were any psv releases.

tiffac008  +   531d ago
That's the problem. The PSV is getting nothing because Sony is still supporting the PSP and thus the games are getting released on the older device instead of the newer one in Japan.

@akhmenhawk17 (below)

The Vita needs Japan to be successful and COD won't help with that since FPS is not big in the Land of the Rising Sun.
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Hicken  +   531d ago
If the mentality in Japan is anything like yours, it's no wonder the Vita isn't selling.
EmperorDalek  +   531d ago
Rather than a personal attack, which by the way shows a real lack of maturity, why not provide some useful insight as to why selling less than 5k is anything but terrible.
LX-General-Kaos  +   532d ago
Very positive numbers and massive sales boost for the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. Nintendo's industry leading dedicated gaming on the go device looks to perform beyond beyond my expectations during the overly competitive holiday season. I had no clue that the percentage increase over last week would be such a breath taking amount, but congrats anyway.

As we march closer to Christmas I do predict higher sales results for the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system as more titles and bundles become available to the consumer. Likely being led by the recently announced Mario Kart 7 White holiday bundle.

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akhmenhawk17  +   532d ago
hopefully everything improves when declassified comes out.

AWBrawler  +   531d ago
You think COD is going to increase Japanese sells??? you're kidding right?
BitbyDeath  +   531d ago
COD will give it a slight bump but you'll see a lot more sales from Persona 4
knifefight  +   531d ago
We're talking about Japan though.

Persona 4 has been out in Japan since June, so its bump has already come and gone.
BitbyDeath  +   531d ago
Ah, ok. Was not aware of that.
DarkHeroZX  +   531d ago
No western shooter will save the vita there. If you really want to save the vita or see a huge sales spike Sony has to release atleast a minimum of 5 vita eastern style games on the same da, one or two vita games a week while good doesn't have the same affect as like 5 or 6. If I saw 5 or 6 new games of interest being released at 1 time I'd jump on getting the new hardware right away, plus it'd have have more consistent and higher sales over the course of months rather then weeks. After releasing that many games then they can go back to 1 game for a while.
knifefight  +   531d ago
Most of the Japanese gamers that want Declassified are the type that already have a Vita.

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