Violence and Emotion in The Last of Us

GI writes: Death is everywhere in games. Fighting games have gamers beating each other unconscious when they’re not performing Fatalities. Thousands are killed throughout FPS campaigns and even the most family-friendly plumber throws the occasional Koopa off a cliff. Something needs to slow progression and all too often, it is a person the player needs to off. Most of the time players do not feel a thing and they are not supposed to. Some games, however, make the gamer feel every single one. Let’s take a look at two of Naughty Dog’s games, the Uncharted series and the upcoming The Last of Us. These games also have players surviving against waves of attackers with computer-controlled women at their side, but the atmosphere and tone in each are radically different. The emotions that players will have when trying to survive The Last of Us will differ greatly from that of most games of this generation.

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Hanso1991d ago

cant wait for LoU so excited!!!

Crazyglues1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

That makes two of us my friend... I already pre-ordered this day one.. Naughty Dog here take my money... just give me this game.. -can't wait

-I want that poster on the far right of the video for my office... that looks awesome.


Hanso1991d ago

thx for the vid didnt see that yet^^

Crazyglues1991d ago

@ Hanso

No problem player... i thought people might enjoy that one..

miyamoto1989d ago

GOW: Ascension

Keep 'em coming

Hicken1989d ago

Violence- and emotion- done right, if you ask me. Not meaningless. Not gratuitous or just because.