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Nyxus1993d ago

That's why it says 'only on PlayStation'?

ScubaSteve11992d ago

Just face it. It's never coming to the 360

Psychonaughty1992d ago

Wow, 82 people are really insecure.

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sdplisken1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

NEVER GONNA HAPPEN and heres why:
1. dvd limitations
2. sony products in the game (psp,ps3,dualshock 3)
3. apple ipod (ms & apple arnt buddies)
4. ps1 flashbacks with mgs1
5. MGS1 (wheres the xbox version here?)
6. Actual cutscenes that have "Playstation 3" in them
they would have to edit the game here
7. MGS Ground Zeroes - im betting there hard at work on this game rather than porting a game from 2008

Wanna play the best franchise in gaming from start to finish?

sony's playstations are the only gaming platform that can do that

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kupomogli1992d ago


"Wanna play the best franchise in gaming from start to finish? Sony's Playstations are the only gaming platforms that can do that"

I agree with this, but Metal Gear isn't even close to being the best. Definitely lacking in the good gameplay department, and Metal Gear Solid 2 is lacking in both story and gameplay.

Eyeco1992d ago

Lacking in the gameplay department ? Have you ever played an MGS game ?, the gameplay has always been the draw of it.

And yes IMO it is the best video game franchise imo, excellent gameplay, outstanding level design, excellent replay value and obviously gripping, deep, mature, story. As a franchise Metal Gear offers everything i'm personally looking for in a game.

That said I would also understand if someone was to call Zelda or Mario the greatest franchise ever, I'm not too big on Zelda games personally , I enjoy them for a while but once i get to the dungeons its just a chore and i'm just like "..oh fvck this, not got the patience for this.", but still I respect the franchise and I would agree and understand if someone was to call it the best, its just not to my taste.
I expect the same gratitude regarding a series like Metal gear.

stragomccloud1992d ago

Just playing devils advocate here.... if they took out certain elements from cutscenes and modified a few others things, it really wouldn't change the game. Then just compress the audio and everything would be hunky dory. Still doubt it would happen.
It would still be on more than one disc, but the uncompressed audio is the reason the game takes up so much space.

Tr10wn1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

"Wanna play the best franchise in gaming from start to finish?

sony's playstations are the only gaming platform that can do that"

Or you can just go to youtube and watch every cut scene, not that i would do it but its an alternative, what i did was buy a PS3 get a limited edition MGS4 play it and finish it 4 times and well then i sold the PS3 and still got my limited edition MGS4, MGS4 was one of the games that made me buy a PS3 the other one was GT5 but it suck and on the way i played a lot of the PS3 exclusive but the only one that got my attention was Heavy Rain, thinking about getting an used PS3 just for Beyond Souls.

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T3MPL3TON 1992d ago


While I agree that there will be no 360 version..

Your list of reasons why are the most idiotic reasons I have ever seen.

1. Dvd limitations hasn't stopped companies in the past.

2. These could be changed very easily.

3. Ipods could be recolored and re-tagged in a matter of seconds.

4. The flash backs don't even matter.. Hello! They did MGS Collection for the 360.

5. It doesn't even matter.

6. All of those are simple logos that could be changed in seconds.

7. You do realize the team that does ports doesn't do new entry games.. right? Please tell me you know that.

Athonline1992d ago

I agree with what you said. MGS4 is more like a 2nd party game to Sony than a 3rd party.
Just a small note: Actually Apple and MS are good buddies behind the scenes ;-) They licence each other patents...

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GraveLord1992d ago

Learn to read.
"Only On Playstation"

U mad?

Sarcasm1992d ago

So we're 4 years in and some still think its coming to a 360?

dale_denton1992d ago

what happened to "we have halo, its better.. y'all can have MGS we don't need it we have better games" you xbox fanboys make me sick

MultiConsoleGamer1992d ago

Meanwhile I've already played the ps3 version.

My...look at all these fanboys.

ZombieKiller1992d ago

I love how people are such whores for attention, that they sit there and wait till a PS article posts, just to post an xbot fanboy comment.
You are seriously such a whore for attention MultiConsoleGAYmer that I bet you beat it to the disagrees.

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NYC_Gamer1992d ago

I still have the original MGS4 edition from years ago

jc485731992d ago

let's face it, I know I want it =). I have the Collector's Edition.

No FanS Land1992d ago

I shouldn't have sold my standard edition when I think about it (Because I'm thinking about starting a collection), it was the bundled copy in the 80GB MGS4 bundle. Sold it and bought the Limited edition a day after.

SnotyTheRocket1992d ago

Yeah, i was forced to get the Collectors Edition on the release day, because they didn't have the regular version. But, that's $100 well spent.

2pacalypsenow1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Still have my collectors edition with the collectors edition Guide

ZombieKiller1992d ago

thanks for that picture. that is a very nice MGS collection and it deserves its own shelf!

josephayal1992d ago

My xbox 360 is ready and waiting

Heavenly King1992d ago

Well, it will continue to wait, because it is not coming for it.

Ryan_Hay1992d ago

These comments always crack me up.Cause they always come from the same guys who beg for it to come whenever some random rumor shows up, but, when the rumor turns bust, they go back to saying how shitty MGS4 is and how it's just a movie, etc.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn1992d ago

Your brain must be damaged beyond repair lol

DigitalRaptor1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

LOL, that "only on PlayStation" logo isn't clear enough, huh?

I really like this box art though. Kinda enough to re-buy it, but I won't.. hehe.

rezzah1992d ago

lol you can keep shoving that Blu-ray disc in there all you want, it's still not going to play.

The option to buy a PS3 is always there.

jonli761992d ago

it could happen the xbox 720 is going to be a blue ray player as well so there cant be no more excuse of limitaion dvd

dale_denton1992d ago

your xbox would fry before you could put in disc 1

NewZealander1992d ago

i don't know why so many people want it on 360, even with trophy support i cant force myself to play this game again, the sloppy controls and bad stealth mechanics coupled with the oh so long and cheesy cut scenes makes the whole ordeal too much to bear a second time!

yes the graphics in parts are good, character models look awesome, however environments suffer a bit and look a bit sparse, MGS4 was a good game, but if you haven't played it i don't believe your missing out on much.

2pacalypsenow1992d ago

then you never played any MGS and this game was made for the fans to close the story that MGS 2 left

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Heavenly King1992d ago

Depending on the price I will buy it again :D. I have 1 Collectors Edition, and 1 normal edition XD

LKHGFDSA1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

But they already just re-released it as an Essential game with the trophy patch.
Maybe it'll be like the Substance version of MGS 3 with some small things added.

Heavenly King1992d ago

maybe this version will feature additional content? like a subsistence/substance version?

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