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First Wii U Chat footage

Take a look at the first demonstration of Wii U chat... and watch Reggie speak a bit of Japanese. (Wii U)

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ninjabake  +   532d ago
Looks pretty cool. Very Skype-like.
Trunkz Jr  +   532d ago
Him drawing on the Tablet seemed to have a delay but it is a Live feed from USA to Japan after all so that might explain it.
Neonridr  +   532d ago
definitely, it's like watching the news when a reporter is being interviewed in the middle east. It's always funny watching them nod their head to what looks like nothing to us.. ;)
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MNGamer-N  +   532d ago
Awesome! Looks like it works pretty well.
dubal-e  +   532d ago
Looks awesome
Mottsy  +   532d ago
really cool feature. and so far it seems to work really well!
Thepcz  +   532d ago
wiiu does everything
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   532d ago
so how heavy is the controller ?
And i dont want a controller that give me cramps
Thepcz  +   532d ago
you will build schwarzenegger biceps
live2play  +   532d ago
no more than 1 pound

its VERY light
Bluenuts9  +   532d ago
It's not even heavy at all, for how big it is you'd think it would be extremely heavy, but it's not at all! I can't wait for the 18th, though my wallet is really going to hate it lol.
josephayal  +   532d ago
this Thing looks way Better than any 2013 High End Tablet
Schawk  +   532d ago
O yea this looks the business
GribbleGrunger  +   532d ago
That's a very nice feature indeed.
Griffin4871  +   532d ago
And watch amateur live webcam services rise with this function!
Deku-Johnny  +   532d ago
You just know people are going to use the drawing feature to draw genitalia on their friend's faces.
Plagasx  +   532d ago
Can't wait to draw nice big penises over my friend's face.
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