Peter Molyneux: "I'm only going to make one more game"

24 hours after the release of Curiosity, Peter Molyneux says he only plans to make one more game – the big project that his studio 22Cans is working up to. Plus, there’s something “huge” happening this Friday.

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LostDjinn1867d ago

Sure Pete. Whatever you say.

MikeMyers1867d ago

"I'm going to make one more game"

A year later after that game is released...

"Due to popular demand that I generated and my inability to keep thoughts to myself I am going to make one more game"

MAJ0R1867d ago

I read every bit of that in Molyneux's overly dramatic voice.

Mounce1867d ago

Same as MAJ0R.


If he truly makes JUST one more game....Good, am glad! If not.....well, to be expected. For situations like Kojima, it's a GOOD thing he keeps going and doesn't stop with MGS for the time being since the games are still awesome to play, but for Peter, all he is more noted for other than his exaggerations upon exaggerations, is Fable....that of which people said just got worse and worse after the first.

Panthers1867d ago

And the first was pretty awful. I was so hyped for the first and it let me down big time.

da_2pacalypse1867d ago

More like "That game sucked, so I'm going to make this one last game which is 10x better"

Rinse and Repeat

aGameDeveloper1867d ago

"I'm going to make one more game"...but will create hundreds of "experiments" as part of that game's design process, spanning dozens of years.

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Leio1867d ago

Let see if he can make the tree grow this time

SilentNegotiator1866d ago

I'm pretty disappointed that his last title isn't "Acorns the Game"

dredgewalker1867d ago

In other words he's gonna make a dozen more.......

I_am_Batman1867d ago

.....and everyone of them will be the best game he ever created.

baldulf1867d ago

...and everyone one of them would be another scam.

Blankman851867d ago

So he created 22 Cans to make 2 games?

IronFistChinMi1867d ago

They can continue without him, like Lionhead.

LewisDenby1867d ago

No. They're making several experimental mini-games, then one full game. They've always been clear on that. But Molyneux's never said it would be HIS last game before.

mafiahajeri1867d ago

Yes why do you think he called it 22 cans ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.