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First Wii U unboxing video

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unboxes the Wii U for the first time. (Wii U)

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Enmson  +   611d ago
good for him :P
princeofthabay  +   611d ago
Gloves? Really?
realiks  +   611d ago
wiiu is dirty
guitarded77  +   611d ago

Seriously though, it looks like a fingerprint magnet.
chasegarcia  +   611d ago
This is awesome that he is doing the un-boxing. It shows how much he cares about the product in my opinion. Especially with the white gloves. Respect+
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GiggMan  +   611d ago
Are you saying that you don't use gloves when unboxing a new product?

For shame!
talisker  +   611d ago
This has a great potential to turn into a meme.
Nutsack   611d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
josephayal  +   611d ago
there's nothing like the smell of new electronics being opened
andibandit  +   611d ago
At 3:15 you can hear him annouce the new Nintendo HDMI derived standard

it's very clear:
H-CHI-DMI cable
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Ilovetheps4  +   611d ago
I played the Wii U yesterday at Gamestop. It looked really good. I was surprised by how comfortable the Wii U gamepad felt. It fit perfectly into my hands. I can't wait until I get my deluxe Wii U on November 18.
Neonridr  +   611d ago
I know, are we really just a week and a half away?? Seems like only yesterday we had the September 13th announcement followed shortly after with my preorder at EB Games (Canadian Gamestop). At the time it seemed like 2 months would take forever to get here.

Now suddenly we are almost a week away from launch. Can't wait to boot up ZombiU.
GiggMan  +   611d ago
How much for that one? I mean it has been opened :-)
wnek9  +   611d ago
probably over 1000 since iwata himself breathed and touched it.
ninjagoat  +   611d ago
Bout time something came with an hdmi cable :)
WeAreLegion  +   611d ago
Looks good. I just wish we had more details about it. What is the online infrastructure like? The store? Audio settings? Multi-audio output? Friends list?

mdkgod43  +   611d ago
i would love to get this system but nintendo never has any good games, they should make another mario64 and waverace those games were great
deafdani  +   611d ago
Boy, am I glad I don't live in the same dimension you do, because in mine, Nintendo has released -and keeps releasing- several good games, year after year.

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