Shane Satterfield "“PS4 is probably going to to whoop the Wii U’s ass graphically”

Furious Francis, editor-in-chief of got to sit down and discuss a multitude of topics with editor-in-chief of, Shane Satterfield. You don't want to miss this one. Check out the video below and please comment.

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LX-General-Kaos2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I agree that the PS4 is for sure going to best the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system in the graphical department. Just as the Xbox 720 likely will as well. The PS4 is launching a year minimum after the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Which obviously gives Sony much more time to take advantage of tech advanced innards that will become cheaper as time goes along. I am just very interested to see how far this graphical leap will be.

There are many factors that come into play when deciding to make a console a powerhouse or not. The only thing that I can think of that can truly push or hold back the PS4s graphical progression is a respectable launch price. Many have learned, especially this generation that a respectable price is key to survival.

I am also interested to see if other next generation platforms will or will not sacrifice graphical horsepower in the name of innovation, and unique control methods just as the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Or will they go for the more classic approach with beefier hardware, and a very similar standard controller.

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Akuma-2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

ps4 will probably have a price of at 400quids or 500dollars. it wont focus on just video game features but be able to replace all media players and video streaming devices. the playstation is normally sold at a loss so its actual worth per unit probably might be 5 - 600quid or around 650 700 dollars. jack trenton said that sony playstation are never the cheapest or first to the market and utilises the best tech.

the thing about sony is they make devices that are relevant years after release so they utilise cutting edge of the time and future ones that arent readily available to the masses.

the wii u is an outdated machine with old technology and parts which is fine for the fans and theyll be content with it. the wii u isnt about cutting edge tech but mostly about affordablility and being the cheapest.

i prefer cutting edge tech and quality that i can use to replace other devices on my entertainment centre and one which is future proof and not outdated years before release or soon after release.

do people noticed that the wiimote is one of the worst controller in the history of video games but amazing as a gimmick to make a lot of money and sell the wii for nintendo.the concept of the wiimote is brilliant but nintendo should have allowed a second control scheme for most games using a gamecube controller, retro controller or wavebird controller. i feel like one of the most well designed controller is the gamecube controller and its quite comfortable. all wii games or 99 percent of wii games would be better with a traditional controller akin to a dual shock 3 or xbox controller. the wii u is not utilising the wii u as the default controller because people learnt from the wii.

i dont care what other control devices sony uses on the ps4 but the traditional controller should be like the dual shock 3 or the default controller should be like the dual shock 3.

LX-General-Kaos2021d ago

Nice post and welcome back man

zebramocha2021d ago

@lx your first comment makes no sense because if the ps4 launches after the wiiu and is stronger than that's nintendo fault as they sacrificed performance for a controller.

jaosobno2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


"ps4 will probably have a price of at 400quids or 500dollars"

LOL, no. Latest rumors reported from several trusted sources all point to x86 system (some type of APU) with GDDR5 or DDR4 (stacked). Allegedly Sony wants a very affordable system (and $500 is everything but affordable).

Cell is no more and Bluray is cheap to make. Sony has learned their pricing lesson with PS3. Expect $399-449 maximum price for premium system and $299-349 for entry level model. Most likely Sony will be down to zero per unit sold or even at a slight profit (since all components could end up being slightly modified off the shelf stuff).

I agree with everything else you said.

BitbyDeath2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

@jaosobno, keyword is rumour. But judging from what some devs have been saying i agree, i don't think cell will be returning in the PS4.

aCasualGamer2020d ago

I agree with the fact that the Wii U mote is nothing but a gimick, i want to be proven wrong but none of the evidence suggest i will.

I think it's a disgrace for a multi billion dollar company such as Nintendo to come out with their "nextgen" console and it barely matches PS3/360 interms of power and potential at the end of 2012.

Soon Sony and Microsoft will announce their nextgen consoles which, hopefully and probably, will have the tech to support it for another 5 years or so. Thee Wii U has basically reached the limit before it's release. When you look at games like Arkham City running on the machine you can't help but think that this is nothing but a PS3/360 clone. That is wrong IMO, especially for a hardware release in late 2012. We should be shocked at the quality of the games that are coming out for this device, as we were in 2005/2006. None of the titles are mindblowing. They all look like Wii HD games.

I'm shocked at the lack of critique by the gaming community. We should put away our fanatic nerdy geeky side whenever a new console is launched. We shouldn't throw our money at everything just because it's a gaming company and we wan't the gaming industry to survive.

pixelsword2020d ago

Why is this under PS3 news?

RumbleFish2020d ago

I can't believe that people haven't recognized yet that their money doesn't have the value it had 10 years ago. I can't believe that people honestly think SONY or MS can deliver a piece of hardware that's supposed to entertain people for 6 or more years for less than 500$/€.
Nothing is as affordable as it was 10, 15 or 20 years ago. I went from PS3 to PC because I didn't want to continue gaming on old hardware. Not that I don't like the system but it never had the performance I really wanted. I find 60fps necessary for enjoyable gaming and apart from some franchises I never got that on PS3. I will definitely buy the next gen SONY console because I consider myself a real fan of some of the SONY franchises, but I don't expect it to cost less than 500$/€.
Plus: I expect the next gen hardware from SONY and MS to be at least powerful enough to deliver updated gfx (there won't be a significant leap resolution wise) at a really good performance.

ChrisW2020d ago


Seriously? It has PS in the title! That is PlayStation! P-l-a-y-S-t-a-t-i-o-n. Have you ever heard of the word?

pixelsword2016d ago

@ chrisW

Let me dumb this down for you:

Why is an article about the PS4 under PS3 news?


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ShinMaster2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

"The PS4 is launching a year minimum after the Nintendo Wii U...Which obviously gives Sony much more time"

Hahah, so what's the Wii's and Wii U's excuse then?
The PS4 will have a bigger leap over the Wii U in 1 year than the Wii U did over the PS3/360 in 6 years! Just like the Wii before, lol

xflo3602020d ago

I think its pathetic how people care so much about graphics. Dispite the advanced graphics of this generation over previous ones i wouldnt put a single game from this gen in my top 10 games of all time. People need to grow up...

GrahamGolden2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

"The PS4 is launching a year minimum after the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Which obviously gives Sony much more time to take advantage of tech advanced innards"

then stfu cause its the same for the wiiUpgrade against the had 7 years to make something more pwerful and you brag this like the wiiU is the sec coming of christ....its 7 fcking years dude.So next time dont bother to mention how awesome is the wiiUpgrade in the graphics dep.

"I agree that the PS4 is for sure going to best the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system in the graphical department."

Trust me buddy not just in that dep only...but gaming too as it was proved for 3 generations AND keep making exclusives games as we speak,sony KNOWS how to make quality games...stop living in your mario sunshine dreamworld,saying only nintendo innovate is that exactly ? by making the same franchise over and over and over again ?

Enjoy while you can cause once the ps4 and xbox are released none third party studios will give a fck about you (not like they do now tho by giving you only leftovers games but anw whatever makes you sleep at night)

Have fun with mario gamepad sunshine,mario soccer pro,mario kung fu,mario and the secret of the golden valley,mario U,mario kung fu ,mario rainbow,mario in the search of the mystic sceptre kkthxbb.

Neonridr2021d ago

wow, someone needs to find a girlfriend, or just get out of the house once and a while. It's called breathing, try relaxing a little while.

Quality games, lets see.. I'll give you three guesses as to which IP has sold the most games on consoles ever...

I'll give you a clue too, it's not a Sony IP.

MasterCratosKong662021d ago

wow guy you need a hug or a cuddle from somebody cuz that amount of hate for an inanimate object is unhealthy

but seriously where can I get preorders of both copies of mario kung fu? gamestop?...

showtimefolks2020d ago


While I agree with you are are sales equal to quality? You have to admit Sony exclusives have quality and so does ms and Nintendo.

GT 5 has old over 9 million and GT5:P which was suppose to be a demo sold over 5 million that's 14 millin for GT5. Exclusives wise that's pretty good. Uncharted series has sold quite well also

I read it all the time evey gaming site is run by ps fanboys but what I see the mst is hate articles and comments tat just hate on ps3 and ps3 exclusives. Ps3 launched at $599 yet still sold quite well and has outsold the xbox360 since launch but people don't see that point. A year ahead start by xbox360 and the gap between the 2 is about 2 million?

So don't act like aony or ka haven't achieved anything just because wii sold 90 plus million. Sales doesn't equal to quality. If that's the case COD is the best series ever in gaming history just because it sells so well

afterMoth2020d ago

"Quality games, lets see.. I'll give you three guesses as to which IP has sold the most games on consoles ever...

I'll give you a clue too, it's not a Sony IP. "

I'll give you a clue as to which restaurant has sold more cheeseburgers. Big red Afro.. Then I'll give you another clue in that it isn't the cheeseburger that tastes the best.

Do you really need these clues?

starchild2020d ago


I see people often try to make that analogy, but it really doesn't fit.

McDonald's hamburgers sell well because they are affordable and still taste pretty good.

On the other hand, when comparing games that all tend to retail at the same price, we can say quite conclusively that the better selling games are judged by more people to be the better games. You can't get a more objective metric. In other words, it is an objective metric of people's overall subjective and objective judgment of the value of different games.

The fact that you might think Starhawk, or whatever, is the most amazing game doesn't change anything. I personally like quite a few Sony franchises, but there are also quite a few that I think are mediocre and I wouldn't buy over other more appealing multiplatform options.

PinkFunk2020d ago

@ Starchild, not really.

That's due to marketing. I heavily doubt that the droves of people who buy COD buy it because they have played say, Starhawk or BF3 or (insert w/e game here), and thought to themselves, "I think COD is a better game". Now, a lot do that, and a lot of people prefer COD. But I'd probably be right to assume that a very large proportion of people buy it because it's the most heavily marketed game in store, the most talked about, the most well known. And that has to do with having developed a fanbase (yes on quality), but also very very heavily on marketing, and grabbing the casual base. So, I don't think it has all to do with what you seem to think: that most gamers have compared two games carefully and decided the heavy seller is genuinely the better one.

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chadboban2021d ago

I'm getting both because I know they'll both provide me with excellent games. Fanboys can suck it.

Theyellowflash302021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

And thats what Shane basically said in the interview. The longer you play games the more you worry about how it plays not how it looks. Especially now since the Wii U is HD. Everything looks good. Just play and STFU.

Blacktric2021d ago

"Unannounced next gen console will whoop "soon to be released mid gen console's" butt in terms of technical capabilities."

Quality garmin jurnalizm right there.

ABizzel12020d ago

It's not to farfetched to believe he knows something about the next gen consoles seeing how he's the Editor-in-chief of gametrailers.

He likely knows many developers in the industry personally and it's quite possible he's knows the details of the rumored specs. in the dev kits of the PS4 and Nextbox.

showtimefolks2020d ago

Both ps3 and xbox360 will be more powerful than wiiu and that's not saying wiiu is bad it's juts common sense. One system is out now tiers have yet to be announced and could be out as early as fall 2913 or as late as 2014 so it Ives both Sony and ms time to see what works with wiiu and what doesn't and make improvements

To people who are saying ps4 will be very expensive I am about to tell you something tat I don't want to repeat each day on n4g. Sony is in no position to loose money, their next system will be priced under $400 meaning $399 system and a basic 349 system. So from day one ps4 and xbox720 will be profitable maybe MS will take moss but I also dont see them doing so.

While wiiu is being sold at a loss

When the 2013 toyota camry comes out t will make improvements on the 2012 and that's the basic rule. Wiiu is out now so high ms and Sony will carefully watch what works and work doesn't and make improvements

Wiiu will be successful the only question I got is about the 3rd part suppose? Nintendo has not had great 3rd party support since NES and that's saying something, so they have a lot of prove. Please don't reply with a list of 3rd party games at launch, I am talking about next 12-24 months even WII has geat support at launch only to fail 3rd party wise

MasterCratosKong662020d ago

I don't think that people are saying the PS4 is for sure going to be expensive. I think the general skepticism is that in order for the power difference to be significant enough between the Wii U and the PS4 to matter, the thought is that it would require a price tag higher than $400. Now I do share some of this skepticism, but I have no clue what they are planning and the Wii U may not be the best cost comparison because they had the gamepad to consider and I don't know how well the two companies are at keeping cost efficiency. Only time will tell I suppose.

fr0sty2020d ago

One gaming website interviewing another...?

2020d ago
AlphaJunk2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

The PS4 is rumored to use a version of the AMD A10 APU series - This is a very cost effective unit that offers good performance; but based on the benchmarks, it won't be revolutionary graphically, only competitve unless Sony has a very custom version or there is something more powerful than the current top-of-the-line A10 5800 (which uses the Radeon HD 7660D as GPU) on the way which is inline with rumors that the PS4 would use a Radeon 7000 series GPU. The benchmarks are unimpressive to say the least in terms of achieving 1080p/60fps gaming. But it may be that there will be 2nd GPU on board that runs in tandom like crossfire for more power. We will see if Sony is going the route of saving dollars to an affordable console that is also cost effective for Sony. It appears that "Probably" was used in saying the PS4 would whip the Wii U's ass, because based on these the current APU units, it's not looking like the PS4 will be a huge leap over the Wii U.
here some benchmarks andreviews -

NastyLeftHook02020d ago

the headline is right, this is PLAYSTATION were talking about.

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NYC_Gamer2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I believe both PS4/720 will have the hardware advantage over Wii-U

FlairSomewhere2020d ago

As will the iPhone 5S over the iPhone 5.

Because they release at least a year apart.

Why does everyone seem so impressed with themselves for figuring this out...?

SlavisH22021d ago

just like the ps1 then the ps2 then the ps3!

metroid322021d ago

Ps4 is said to have half a gig to 1 gig of ram in retail units dont listen to the hype ? Michael Ancel sai they did movie quality textures on wiiu in rayman but once forgot to compress it all and it still handled it ? Wiiu has no problems here this i pure fanboy dev talk.

millzy1022021d ago

the ps3 hasn't dominated this gen Wii has then Xbox ps last but ps3 has most people online and a lot of xboxs don't work I brought 5 before I gave up Microsoft and my friend is on his 7th Xbox. so in reality ps3 is second

Getowned2020d ago

@ metroid32

"Ps4 is said to have half a gig to 1 gig of ram in retail units dont listen to the hype ?"

Where did you hear/read this ?, I hear people saying that/and reading in articles that it will be more than that.

2020d ago
Beastforlifenoob2019d ago

PS3 already has 1026MB or 1.026 GB's of ram

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yavorsv2021d ago

Even the Wii "whooped" the other consoles asses..Imagine the Wii with good graphics.. There U go ! The Wii U :D

SynGamer2021d ago

Tried the Wii U last night at my local Target...not impressed. The touchpad controller it just awkward to hold. I thought it would be a bit smaller and much lighter but it's not. Yes, the graphics look good, but they are merely a small step-up from current AAA titles on the PS3 and 360.

So, a bulky controller that costs something like $150+ to replace + marginal step-up in graphics = $350? No thanks. I'll wait for a trade-in program to upgrade my PS3 to a PS4.

ninjabake2021d ago

I'm pretty sure you went in with your mind made up anyway. Nothing was going to change that even if it was one of the greatest experiences. To each his own tho, your in the minority.

xursz2021d ago

He's actually not. I'll be getting one but I haven't met anyone in real life who was impressed by the WiiU.

ninjabake2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


as I said to each his own. I know plenty of people interested in the wii u, you don't. None of that affects how I feel about the system tho. I couldn't care less how others feel about it be it positively or negatively. I'm a consumer I don't hold stocks so as long as I get my system that's all that matters to me.

SynGamer2021d ago

I was indifferent to the Wii U, I will admit that, but that doesn't mean my opinion is any less valid. Had the Wii U been an amazing experience I would have posted such, but sadly, it wasn't.

Theyellowflash302020d ago

I don't think the Wii U is a system you can just play standing up at Target for a few minutes and be like this is awesome. You have to take it home, get some friends around, play Chase Mii, ZombiU, and New Super Mario Bros. Thats when you'll see how fun the Wii U is.

finbars752020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I disagree with that comment.I got my hands on one as well and was very curious what it has to offer.I can see people going crazy for it but its just another gimmick to me.The controller is way to bulky and has some weight to it and the graphics arent really up to par with this gen in my opinion.Not saying its terrible but for nintendo its a right step in the right direction for Nintendo, but for all those who are expecting to be blown away dont hold your breath because to me it overpriced and alot of people are going to be complaining this winter holiday.Please dont tyr to defend this until you have actually played around with it because you have no clue of why the Wii-u is going to cause so many problems trying to game with the pad.

Theyellowflash302020d ago

I don't see how the graphics aren't up to par when it runs Assassin's Creed 3, Batman Arkham City, and other various ports in higher resolution and in some cases faster frame rate.

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Ck1x2021d ago

You must be trolling at the fact of stating you thought the gamepad would have been lighter! Most people are pretty surprised by how light it is for such a large controller.

Zhipp2021d ago

I tried one at my local Target too, and I really liked the feel of the controller--especially the joysticks and triggers. The whole thing felt really well-balanced. It was a lot more comfortable than I expected, and the screen was more sensitive than any resistive touchscreen I've used before. None of the launch titles make me REALLY want to get one yet, though, but I wouldn't be able to afford one even if it was launching with Pikmin 3.

On the graphics note, you shouldn't really be expecting much from the low budget, ported, and rushed titles that the system is launching with anyway. I have no doubt that we'll see what the system is truly capable of when the next Zelda, and Retro's next project are revealed.

Also, I doubt that controller is gonna cost more that $100 once it's released in the States, but you could always get a warranty if you're so worried about breaking it.

SynGamer2021d ago

Controller (with screen) costs ~$172 in Japan. I don't foresee it coming down much when it hits the states. I would imagine $129 is the minimum to replace one should you break it...

FlairSomewhere2020d ago

How about everybody just doesn't break their stuff?

Nintendo shouldn't be to blame for a consumer's clumsiness...

cee7732020d ago

3 to 5 hours battery life for the WiiU pad is a real downer that's a least 2x's a day you would have to charge the pad especially if you share your console I mean there's full blown tablets with twice the battery life and better displays and there's soc's ram flash memory

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