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Kogan Attempts To Distance Its Portable Media Player From The PS Vita

After we first discovered Kogan was taking pre-orders on PS Vita clones at $49, we got in contact with Sony locally who immediately sent back this response: “We are currently looking into this. We can also confirm this is not official PlayStation product.” We also sent questions about the product directly to Kogan itself. We are still waiting for a response but in the meantime it seems as though Kogan is subtly attempting to distance its ‘Portable Video Game & Media Player’ from the PS Vita.

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MultiConsoleGamer1361d ago

I purchase and research a lot of these knock offs and you would be surprised at the level of quality. Still it's nothing close to the quality of the Vita itself, and I kinda feel bad for people in foreign markets who are getting cheated by these cheap knock offs.

Raccoon1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

DAD: hey son, what would you like for christmas?

Little timmy: I want a ps vita with mortal kombat...

2 week later....

DAD: hey honey I just found a great deal on Timmy's gift. A px viter with a copy of vital Combatant for only $60 bucks!!!!

A week later... As Timmy opens his gift he finds a vita-ish looking creature, a USB flash drive and a 9v battery... With a confused look on his face timmy proceeds by powering and plugging the flash drive on his new hand painted device....

DAD: I hope you like it timmy, I got a great deal on it...

Little Timmy: I'm sure you did dad! The game takes me to a Chinese knockoff site and only one of the analog sticks actually moves... So Where's Ashton Kutcher when you need him....