Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Weapon Camoflauge Patterns

MP1st - Interested in some Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 weapon camoflauge patterns?

"MP1st reader Luke Leblanc has sent us this image displaying all of the initially available Black Ops 2 weapon camoflauge patterns. While this only show’s off the camos for the Ballista bolt-action sniper rife, they can be applied to all other weapons including secondaries."


Added sight reticle patterns

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CrimsonessCross1959d ago

I love the looks of these camouflages!

I think I'll be using possibly Bloodshot or Cherry Blossom out of the ones we have visible to us right now :)

These patterns are much more different to ones before and they actually look detailed and unique...loving it! Good job on the different varieties!

That's just a bonus if this game actually delivers :)

GuyThatPlaysGames1959d ago

I agree. I also love the Art of War, Skulls, and can never go wrong with the Blue Tiger. Kind of wishing they would have preset camo patterns and we could choose what colors are in it but this looks good tho.

CrimsonessCross1959d ago

I know, and I agree entirely! Give us a color wheel or even some sort of emblem creator but with camos :/ -shrugs-

And now that they've added the sight variations I'm loving this game even MORE! The only thing that makes me sad about THESE now is we can't mix and match or even use some that are exclusive to another sight if we like it and want to use it on a different least, by the looks of it.

Killman1959d ago

Blue Tiger is my favorite already.

LAWSON721959d ago

I loved camos in cod4 primarily because you earned them with headshots.