Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Limited Edition Revealed + Exclusive Video

Given its status as one of GameSpy's Most Anticipated Games of 2008, it's probably not surprising that the folks at Ubisoft decided to create a special edition of a highly-anticipated FPS that will be landing on store shelves on March 18th. The Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Limited Edition will have an MSRP of $69.99 ($10 more than the standard version) and will include a number of special features. Be sure to check out GameSpy's exclusive video for more info, including a sneak peek at the equally anticipated Tom Clancy's EndWar!

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Jack Bauer3723d ago

10 bucks for a keychain really, the other stuff doesnt look like much and the trailer will prolly be online somewhere before the game even comes out, ill get the regular edition.

wil4hire3723d ago

what a bunch of douchebags.

UziSuicide3723d ago

After what they did with GRAW2 and the fugly graphics and very poor framerates (which it sounded like R6 Vegas also suffered from) I have absolutely no interest in getting this for the PS3.

Lazy programming/cash cow porting doesn't make me inclined to follow a series. If it's done once (or rather twice counting R6 Vegas and GRAW2) then that's enough to make me distrust a franchise and the reliability of the titles dev team.

giovonni3723d ago

Is PS3 even getting this game? I have R6 for xbox360, and I really liked it I beat it in two days, but it was a challenge, and the last level left a sour taste in my mouth. I'll get it, but I'm not buying the special edition unless that throw in a free tee-shirt, a hand towel, or a gift certificate for 10.00 off my next purchase

bumnut3723d ago

graw 2 ran great on 360, graw 1 had a poor framrate though.

Guwapo773723d ago

- Yes this game is coming out on the PS3. I already have this on pre-order @ Gamestop.

- Uzi, The graphics are by far not the greatest. But if you enjoy tactical FPS there is no better (until MGS online comes out...MAYBE). As of right now RB6Vegas is some serious hardcore fun. I've easily put in some 18 hour days.

Ju3723d ago

Graw2 on the PS3 wasn't bad at all. It has pretty good visuals, even though it ran @30fps and dipped. But still great game.

UziSuicide3722d ago

Yes GRAW2's gameplay was mint, but very short (a night and a day for me).

I didn't like the graphics compared to what's out there, they were pretty last gen (example nightvision just stripped everything graphically and tinted the screen green, what do you know... fps go up ten fold).

Re those saying the framerate was great on the 360, that's the whole point... it was bad/lazy porting to the PS3 as other games that look 10 times better, with a lot more going on, can run at a liquid 60 fps and no dips.

It's GRAW2 that put me off getting R6 Vegas and will put me off R6V2, sure great tactical games but when the devs have such poor respect/understanding for the PS3 platform I don't know if I'd risk buying another game from them.

If they've got their act together on this version for the PS3, I might change my mind but it'll take a lot of convincing. Once burnt, twice shy.

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Panthers3723d ago

Cant wait for this game. Should be great.

OC Shock Value3723d ago

This game is commin out in the smartest time EVER.. There are no other good shooters in sight.. So this game has the battlefield for new shooters open to itself.. Smart timing on Ubisofts part..

Bathyj3723d ago

Good point. Unlike the first one.

It always pissed me off that RB6 lived in the shadow of the way overhyped Gears of War, when RB was a far superior game. It still had good success but all the buzz was about Gears and it just didn't seem fair. Gear's gameplay was pretty run of the mill, where RB allowed for so much stagegy and variation. You could tackle any section a different way every time and get different results.

Anyway, looking forward to part 2.

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