Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 shoot it out

He's been missing - presumed dead - for more than four years, but it's time to reactivate sci-fi gaming's most famous super-soldier.

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StrongMan1901d ago

I give MS credit for having the balls to release Halo 4 a week before Black Ops 2 but that just wasn't smart. They should have released in September like they've done previously so that it would have 2 months before Black Ops 2 released and it would have sold about 4 or 5 million during that time frame. But now with Black Ops 2 releasing this Tuesday Halo 4 sales will hit a huge slow down. COD is an unstoppable juggernaut that breaks previous year's sales record every year and this year will be no different.

Muffins12231901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

halo 4 sold around 3 million day 1...Really?Halo has about almost the same amount of sales as cod does on the xbox so there pretty even in sales...but a fan of both would likely pick halo over cod any day

StanLee1901d ago

I think there is a place for both. There is no Battlefield game this fall and as Battlefield showed, there is room in the fall lineup for another competitive multiplayer shooter to be successful. Halo has its fan base and I expect they'll buy the game as they always have. Anyone who's a fan of both will get both. I don't think many people are making an "either/or" choice this fall where both games are concerned. And with the fall shopping season, I think Microsoft has guaranteed both games will be successful.

CarlosX3601901d ago

While I'm not a fan of VGCharts, here's proof:

BozoLoco1901d ago

I don't think Halo 4 can really beat Black Ops 2. COD has a larger base across more platforms.

jetlian1901d ago

newsflash MS doesnt care what COD sells on other platforms. MS wants to prove Halo is still viable which is why they released it against COD.

MS is giving MS points to claim highest user play for nov.

1901d ago
blahjahblah1901d ago

Don't you people know that Bungie signed on a partnership extended to them by Activision? Every single Halo plays SO much better than any COD. The graphics, gameplay, maps, campaign are always better. The Halo engine is not glitchy in the slightest. Why? Because Bungie has a HUGE hand in developing COD games and they're not going to make a FPS better than their baby, Halo.

Microsoft, with 343, has some new developers as well as veteran Bungie developers. They're the best team in the business which is why Halo will always be the best FPS, period.

So, you chumps keep playing COD and leave Halo to those smart enough to implore strategy and skill into their game play.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1901d ago

Interesting and good read. I found the article very interesting because it talks about how in a way Halo and CoD are both soldiers in disguise as they try to stave off the critics that people are more and more switching to Tablets and Smartphones for their fun because of prices on games for consoles.

Just like how they explain that the music games that use to be rolling for two to three years was growing, it eventually died and that could end up being the FPS genre if something is not done by these next two games to offer variety of options rather than just "follow the road" in terms of linear gameplay. looking forward to what BO2 has to offer.

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