Little Big Planet: Create a Level video

If you are the lucky guy and have the closed beta this video is not for you.

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GodsHand3719d ago

I d/l the video yesterday, and I must say it looks great. I think I could spend days on end creating a level.

I just wonder if you can import your own textures.

diefor3719d ago

OMG If this game came with the possibility to Import textures, it will be a amazing thing. Im already make my Bedroom. :D

rushbd3719d ago

you can import your own texture using PS EYE of USB pendrive :D

Proxy3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

If for some reason you can't, then the devs are out of touch with what gamers really want, OR they have intentionally gimped the game.

But, I expect you'll be able to. MediaMolecule seems to love the technology as much as they do the money, fortunately. This game is impresive even by PC standards.

Have a small knowledge of programing, I can't imagine the nightmare it would be to program this game to acomidate the infinite possiblities. Amazing!

mr_potato3719d ago

Well i dont think we will be able to import texture and ill explain why.

It isn't because media molecule wants to gimp the game but this game is geared toward and E audiantiance and importing might cause porn to come in levels.

Regardless im buying this game.

Kholinar3719d ago

They've already addressed adult content and basically said that there would be adult tags available to keep children from stumbling into something m-rated, etc.

GodsHand3719d ago

Even if you put pornographic material, the rating always has a disclaimer about "experience may change online".

Like Warhawk for the PS3 has a 'T' for teen, but it only an online game that has that disclaimer.

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freeman293719d ago

This game is real funny :)

Julie3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I am not a boy and i am not on the beta so the vid is for me!!!
Cute and fun LBP :3

mighty_douche3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Your on the Beta??

You know the honourable thing to do would be to share your PS ID ans password with the rest of us ; )

EDIT: oops... your NOT on the beta.... bah... me neither.

SeanScythe3719d ago

I love the video but this one is old and they didn't even show all of it which had the guy that made it and someone else play the level. This game is going to be so much fun though. Can't wait to play and create my own levels.

SurferDude3719d ago

this game is going to rule. I love how I can play games like this and then stick in MGS or GT or KZ2 in and play those. I love the ps3!

rawd3719d ago

This game looks interesting, whats the purpose of the it?

fenderputty3719d ago

to play on. They're platforming levels. Some require teamwork to complete and some don't. Then there's the creatable aspects of the game. Hopefully .. after playing you've picked up some creative ideas about how to structure a level. From there you can create your own level. You can import your own pics and textures from the PSeye. You can create timed levels. You can create bad guys. You can pretty much just run wild. After that, you can share you level online with others. People will rate your level and you can play and rate other people's levels. It's going to be a time sink. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.